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Enemies/moments that scare the **** out of you!


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Oh, Blizzeta, the Abominable Snow Bitch.

Surprised that this hasn't been posted yet.

Still scares the crap out of me to this day. I didn't even dare step into the level as a kid, I was so scared.

I forgot what was scary in Big Boo's Haunt, but now I remember. Yeah, what would you do for a red coin?

Let's not forget


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Oh, I just remembered the Flesh Eaters from Turok 2. They weren't too bad just fighting them, but when you're first introduced to them in a cutscene and that CREEPY ASS voice is screaming at you, that was not fun. Before I grew into the game I would always mute the TV during that part.

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When I first spotted one of those, I approached with reckless abandon towards my own safety. I even went so far as to quote DBZ-Abridged's Bulma: "Kill it with FIRE!"

The super mutants and such didn't scare me, but sometimes the Raider hide outs and the Deathclaws appearing for the first time threw me far off my game. And Ghouls? Man...hated a pack of ferals. They pissed me right off.

My only enemy that actually scares me is from fallout3


This f4&king thing... Everything about it freaks me out.

Damn centaurs.

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one word: Re-Deads.

I had never been absolutely terrified of a game until OoT. Just running around, exploring, find the tomb in Kakariko, and see the re-deads.

I thought they were old ladies who were sick. I ran over to help them, got frozen, watched that freaky creeper approach with his horrifying moany thing and I slammed that game off!

To this DAY, that moan still scares me. ooh....

This is correct. Completely. The Sun's Song was my hero. The moan's, the screams, to this day .. I hate going in that well too.

There were moments in Twilight Princess that freaked me out too, like the chasing hand near the end ..

also the creepy guardians in Skyward Sword Silent Realm ..

don't chase me bro

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I remember playing Resident Evil 1 on the playstation a very long time ago with my friends. Near the beginning was a scene showing your first encounter with a zombie (

). The combination of the visuals and sounds were enough to send us kids running away physically.

Some parts in Parasite Eve 2, such as hearing sobbing noises behind a door, made me reluctant to proceed.

The scariest moments so far for me were in Amnesia. I don't know why, but sometimes it was a mental exercise just to start up the game. Just to name a few defining moments - hiding in the room filled with corpses, the iron maiden suprise, water monster, etc.

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theres alot of decent jump scares in the older resident evil games ( pre 4) i just started playing resident evil zero, and as dumb as it sounds, anytime theres an automatic door it always starts me. Theres also the fact that sometimes enemies bust out of nowhere the EXACT MOMENT you enter a room.

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Before Slender or any of the newer indie horror games (SCP probably is one of the only ones that really has given me real scares), Resident Evil was definitely the scariest thing I'd ever played. And it honestly didn't horrify me.

I didn't think you could make a horrifying game. Until I played Slender.

And that game is only scary because of the jumpscares and just the feeling that there's a guy following you and will kill you and any given moment. Which just creeped me out.

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The VG moments that scared the **** out of me:

First was in Zelda II, upon entering the last temple, feeling confident and waltzing around unsuspecting, before suddenly being greeted by a freaking giant blue Bot falling down from the ceiling. Not having seen this coming, I dropped the controller on the floor and remained there speechless, watching Link get killed. Correct me if I'm wrong, but this sequence might be the first effective jump-scare in gaming history.

Second was in Resident Evil 2, right after falling down from the dust-chute to the parking lot, and witnessing Ben Bertolucci getting his face mauled by mutated William Birkin. The sheer brutality of that scene (for the time), and the thought of what might happen to my character if I were to head in that direction, froze me. Took me days to find the courage to make that corridor.

Last was in Dead Space, and it's dumb to say, but because the trailer showed an engineer with a necromorph head, for the entire game I thought Isaac was gonna face an old colleague of his as a reflection of himself. Spent the entire game cold-sweating for that fated encounter, but then the credits rolled and I realized, not only did I miss out on most of the game's actual scares, but what the trailer was showing was one of Isaac's own death scene. Yeah, the stupid is strong in that one.

Amnesia the Dark Descent did a number on me, but for all the wrong reasons. As your character supposedly succumbs to panic, he starts experiencing blurry vision and aural pain. Being someone who lives with heavy tinnitus pretty much all day long, having to go through this in a video game just ruined the whole thing. Especially since the protagonist can't so much as take two steps forward or make eye contact with the furniture without cowering in fear on the floor. Phun thymes.

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