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MAGFest 12 - Post-MAGFest Depression hits again

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Post-MAG Edit

It's all over. ;_;

Time to start linking your pictures and posting about your good times (although post the pictures in this thread rather than over here); let's stave off the PMD folks!

(see you next mission)


Original Post

You know what time it is people. It's time for


Gaylord National Hotel and Convention Center

201 Waterfront Street

National Harbor, MD 20745

Jan 2 - 5, 2014

http://magfest.org/ - The site, the legend.

http://magfest.org/schedule/ - Schedule of events for the weekend. For the smartphone users, get the free Guidebook app and then download the "MAGFest 12" guide.

http://magfest.org/m12-faqs - FAQ covering some of the more common questions about MAG, which should be especially useful for those of you going for the first time.

DEAD LINK - Yo son, it's too late to pre-register! You can always buy a badge at the door though. $20 for a single day pass on Thursday or Sunday, $40 for a single day pass on Friday or Saturday, or $60 for a full weekend pass. See the FAQ link above for directions to badge and merch pickup.

http://magfest.org/bookhotel - Get your room. Some people have been having trouble reserving rooms, so if you hit a snag, e-mail hotel@magfest.org with your check in date, check out date, and number of people in your room for help.

http://ocremix.org/forums/showthread.php?p=949550#post949550 - Registration for the OCR block is kaput now. If your room reserver's last name isn't on the list in this post, your room won't be on our hallway with the lot of us. Feel free to drop by and hang out though; the block is around the 9200-9230 room set (so far, we all seem to be on the even side of the hallway). If you see one of our doors open, just walk in and say hi. Bahamut's OCR Suite is room 3178, but see this post for rules on using that suite.

http://ocremix.org/forums/showthread.php?t=38246 - Kizyr's breakdown of the National Harbor and all the nearby restaurants, for your convenience in choosing the best spots to eat. Updated on 12/27 with some of the newest places to check out!

https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0Al9vpEyOO47adFdmcEZxZzJaY0hwNGVJRk1GeXgzMUE#gid=0 - Phone numbers!

https://groupme.com/ - A bunch of us will be using the GroupMe smartphone app to chat with each other in realtime. Look for the "OverClocked ReMix" group. Someone already in the group (who you are Facebook friends with or are in the phone contacts of) may have to invite you.

The list of attendees is already looking pretty hot, and you know you'll have mad fun with all of us, so don't miss it.

OCR-Relevant Panels and Concerts

OC ReMix: Honoring/Cuddling Video Game Music Since 1999!!! - Panel Room 3: Fri 12:30-2pm

VGM Composer POWER PANEL: Tips on Getting "Lucky" - Panel Room 2: Sat 5-6pm

HOW I CAN MAKE VIDEO GAME MUSIC REMIXES?!? - Panel Room 4: Sat 8:30-10pm

OverClocked University - Second Stage: Fri 4pm

Video Game DJ Battle (feat. bLiNd, Ben Briggs, and Flexstyle) - Main Stage: Fri 11:59pm - Sat 2:30am

OverClocked After Dark: Rise From Yo Glaive! - Panel Room 3: Thu 11:59pm - Fri 2am






BardicKnowledge + wife

big giant circles



Brandon Strader

Brushfire + his crew gonna be all up ons


Cyril the Wolf




djpretzel (for maybe 6 hours tops; he's kind of got a baby to take care of)



DrumUltimA + 3 friends








Jehm Faulking


Kizyr + Jenner

Level 99


Lucas V.












Phonetic Hero




Theory of N




Velocifero + girlfriend







Planning on Attending:


Looking for a Room:


Offering a Room:

Phonetic Hero


Bahamut (OCR Suite) - Room 3178 - Rules for the OCR Suite!

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For those who aren't familiar with the headliners, Machinae Supremacy, I suggest you check them out! I've been a fan for years and they were my introduction to SID laced metal. They have a pretty nice chunk of music that's free to download from their website and is a good way to get familiar with or to decide if it's not your thing.

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Back during MAG 6 and 8, I drove back and forth since I'm only 30 minutes away myself, but quickly came to the conclusion that you miss absolutely everything if you don't get a room. I've stayed there since. I remember Kizyr saying he'd probably get a room this year for much the same reason.

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I'm definitely going. Wishy-washy on the room issue, though; I only live 20 minutes away.

I drove back and forth for a few years like Arrow but I decided to get a room a couple of year ago. It really is worth every penny and I highly recommend it if you can afford to do it. Having a place to get away from the crowds and relax is really nice. It also helps to not have to worry about driving home tired after a day of having fun.

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I drove back and forth for a few years like Arrow but I decided to get a room a couple of year ago. It really is worth every penny and I highly recommend it if you can afford to do it. Having a place to get away from the crowds and relax is really nice. It also helps to not have to worry about diving home tired after a day of having fun.

Same thing happened with me at MAG 8. Seriously get the room, way more convenient.

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Possible OCAD SUITE being put together. Deetz to follow soon.

Also I'm in!

I'd like to get in on this, if possible. If I'm finally going to have my MAGFEST cherry popped, I'd like it to be with people who've been around a bit and know what they're doing.

Be gentle.

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Only thing stopping me is my commander's signature on my leave form. Odds are, he'll sign it. I'm going to sneak into ectogemia's room when he least expects it.

I'm picturing Jesse Unexpectedly Popping Out of the Closet: The Sequel. Please make it happen.

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