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Mega Man: The Wily Castle Remix Gauntlet 2013

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Wooooo yeah! The Beat Masters are in second place mastering beats yeeeah. Nice job Amphibious!! :) Hopefully I can keep it up this round... I'm really excited to hear what everyone's got!


Thanks erryone, glad people enjoyed it. There were some really cool mixes this week, great stuff everyone. I just heard what Superior X has cooking and its pretty slick! I'm eager to hear what everyone else has in store as well.

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Your dedication to good metadata is a shining beacon in the bleak sea of "Various Artists."

God Bless America. Anyway, I want to discuss another thing I'm seeing with novice mixers. A bit of a disclaimer: I'm going to talk now about my own approach to arrangement, and hopefully that will h

Entry submitted! :)

I'm looking forward to everyone's entries later today!

I've certainly enjoyed all of the remixes I've heard from Round 1. :)

Great job everyone!

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Forgot it was past 12 A.M. here.
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I'ma shoot for jumping to 3rd place at least. Listen to my entry on the best headphones or speakers you have. Wear loose pants. :D

Wear no pants when you hear mine - just like when I made it.

I kinda like that homeless guy on Aqua Teen Hunger force that just mumbles all the time and pisses on himself.

I should warn, this is one of the side effects of hearing my mix. Don't worry, you'll recover after a few days.

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So what kind of reaction would I have if the track is good?

Oh, there are many different possibilities. You could be possessed into running around the house screaming "poop butts", or even jumping up and down, spinning in circles, and dancing like a monkey climbing an invisible rope. Or, you know, you could be a normal person and blare it in your car.

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And subbed!

I'm personally not that happy with it, though.

You're not alone there buddy! Though I am of course referring to my own entry, not yours, because obviously I have yet to listen you yours, not that I'm suggesting that when I do listen to yours it will be bad, because I'm sure it won't, not that I'm undermining your statement of not being satisfied with it, becuase I'm not and wow I can't actually seem to stop writing ha ha hah HA

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Alright, my track is subbed! I'm really happy with how it turned out. It wasn't exactly what I set out to make, but really, when does that ever happen? :-P It's in a style I've tried to do in the past, but have never quite gotten to work out just right... until now. NAILED IT. I can't wait to hear all the mixes tonight!!!!

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"I also want to stress that you cannot collaborate with people who are not on your team. This obviously means no collaborations with other teams, but it also includes people not involved with the competition, i.e. you can't get your sister to play drums for you, and you can't get your boyfriend to throw some vocals down either."

After discussing with a friend regarding my track last week and wanting to get live sax on my track, I want to express that making this a rule is actually detrimental to any benefit this contest is supposed to give, and is poor producer work ethic for those who have the resources to do this type of work.

When you use a sample library, you are collaborating with musicians that were strenuously recorded for use with your project. By claiming this to be a rule you are essentially saying using anything that isn't explicitly a synth is against the rules.

If the reason for the rule is because it puts individuals at an unfair advantage due to the expressive nature of live recording, I want to stress that the process of arranging for players and recording is a complicated, work intensive process, with a lot of variables both before and after recording that more than make up for the lack of sample tweaking and humanization to make your samples expressive.

Also, if the reason behind the rule is "samples only". What if I made my own samples of other people I want to use? If they just happen to play the same chord progress or melodic figure in my song, its still a sample.

In addition, if the point of this contest is arrangement and you are going to outlaw session musicians you should outlaw sample libraries altogether, because the guy that happens to own well recorded, expensive sample libraries like Komplete, EWQL, LASS, etc are already at a disproportionate advantage to the dude still scraping by on poorly recorded soundfonts and stock plugins. In addition sample libraries are pre-mixed and mastered, so if anything, pre-manufactured samples are cheating in a sense.

Now, I can see if you are concerned if external people are collaborating on the arrangement, but if you are doing the principle writing bringing in session players is exactly the same as loading up a patch in Kontakt, and thus shouldn't be an issue. I ask for you to reconsider your stance on this for future competitions. :)

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