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OCRA-0040 - Final Fantasy VI: Balance and Ruin


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I don't believe the extra DVD will be a video DVD. It will probably just be a data DVD with bonus content on it, in which case it wouldn't be very cost-effective to put it on a Blu-ray (unless they have like 25GB of bonus material. Which they might.)

25GBs worth of Dave and Larry's OCR Boat Party 2013 with bonus footage of their Ferraris and episodes of "Pimp My Crib"

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As an ongoing fan since nearly ten years ago, I don't often post on OCR but I feel now I'm required to share sincere feelings and thoughts. FF6 was the first Rpg I ever played and was a large impact on my impressions of story as a kid. If ever there was a movie adaptation done correctly, FF6 would be absolutely mind blowing. The characters, the setting, the story, everything. I often imagine this in daydreams of great detail off and again. I downloaded the album,lay on my bed, and listened in the dark. Never have I felt my imagination on this become so vivid and real. I consider myself a jaded person and these tracks leave me filled with real emotion. THIS album was done correctly and I would like to share my immeasurable appreciation and Thanks to all who made it a reality. This may be the closest I will ever experiencing my Final Fantasy fantasy and I am more than blown away with the results. Thank you ALL for your great work!!

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FF6 was the first Rpg I ever played and was a large impact on my impressions of story as a kid. If ever there was a movie adaptation done correctly, FF6 would be absolutely mind blowing. The characters, the setting, the story, everything. I often imagine this in daydreams of great detail off and again.

I think that everyone that contributed to this project has similar memories and nostalgia from this game. You're among friends :)


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  • 2 weeks later...

This album is awesome. FFVI is my all-time favorite game and soundtrack, so I had high expectations, all of which were met. Do I like every track? Not really, but I didn't expect to. I don't get too into most techno mixes (though I did enjoy the Mega Man sounds around 2:41 into There's Nothing Like Flying), but there are so many other styles represented (and represented so well) that I really don't care that a few tracks fall outside of my personal tastes.

From the incredible arrangement of the theme of my favorite character, Shadow, in A Fistful of Nickels (the first Shadow mix that I've felt really captured the essence of the original) to the amazing Bohemian Rhapsody treatment of the opera to the piano and violin piece covering the entire ending (not to mention the impressive number of other pieces using live and/or acoustic instruments, which is what my tastes run toward), there's really just so much to love from this album. Easily my favorite in an already impressive line of OCR albums.

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My post count will expose my lack of activity on these boards, although I've been visiting these parts for a fair few years now. Spurred in no small measure by some artists' thirst for feedback (I'll get to you later, SnappleMan) I thought it only fair to throw a little bit of praise this album's way.

I contributed towards the Kickstarter because I'm impressed with the community's work (despite not everything being to my taste) and 'Voices of the Lifestream' was by and large a triumph for me. But, perhaps most pertinently, FFVI is simply my favourite game of all time - in hindsight, perhaps not the best, but far and away my favourite. So I was happy to part with some cash. Happier still to wait through the delays until it was ready.

To all those that contributed, I salute you - you've done yourselves proud.

A wonderful, wonderful album. A trip down memory lane accompanied by some remarkably talented and musically varied guides. Even the few tracks I don't particularly like I admire.

Highlights include:

* Leitbur's contributions to Disc One - 'Tastes like Victory' is amazing, and even a propensity towards dropping 'r's ("darkness burwoes in") can't spoil my enjoyment of 'On the Run'

* XPRTNovice's wonderful and totally unexpected take on the Mount Koltz theme

* Kaufman and Pedrini's work on 'The Impressario' - obviously...

* The hilarious and deliriously catchy bossa nova Blackjack by Calum Bowen and Xarnax42

* Sole Signal's 'Illusionary', Forrest and Laura's 'Katabasis', Derek and Jeremy's 'Trauermarsch'

I've got a sweet tooth for the acoustic and the orchestral, but even some styles and genres to which I wouldn't normally listen have got repeat plays (Beatdrop's 'Toxic', Baranowsky's 'Train Suplex' and Halc's 'Aggressive Blue Magic' to name but a few).

And SnappleMan, I found Omen in four parts a little exhausting, but it's relentlessness can't hide the quality and the craft – parts III and IV are exceptional (if a little long in duration for my tastes).

So, again. Thank you all, and well done!

Very little else has graced my iPod since release...

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Yes, I meant physical copies, sorry. Is it still scheduled for august?

Maybe it's not the best topic to ask this information. But the last topic on kickstarter was closed. Is there another where we can see some updates?

Now that the album is available on the net, it would be great to have some news on the physical copies :)


This album was really great! Sorry if I'm a little impatient to see these CDs in real :?

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Maybe it's not the best topic to ask this information. But the last topic on kickstarter was closed. Is there another where we can see some updates?

Now that the album is available on the net, it would be great to have some news on the physical copies :)


This album was really great! Sorry if I'm a little impatient to see these CDs in real :?

"We'll be posting an update to FF6 KS backers this week with progress on the physical printing, including some specific dates, so if you backed us & you're chomping at the bit for news, we hear you!" ~djpretzel, 2 days ago

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I know you've been hearing a lot of it, but I am loving this album. Not much else has been able to get playtime on my iPod since I discovered it. I'm pretty new to OCR, and I wish I had known about the Kickstarter in time to back it.

Highlights for me:

There's Nothing Like Flying - This track always makes me happy. It's hard not to feel like you're flying listening to it. Awesome job DDRKirby.

Aggressive Blue Magic - I love this mix of Strago's theme by halc. Sort of reminds me of drum n bass with the distorted synth sounds. I'm not great with music terminology, I just know I like it!

River of Sine Waves - Muzak and chiptunes collide with a great beat structure. This is going on my geeky dinner party playlist.

On the Run/Tastes Like Victory - I like both of Leitbur's contributions to the first album. Great airy synths and vocals. I had to listen a few times to catch the Returners theme in On the Run, but once I did I thought it was a great arrangement of it.

Now is the Winter - Wonderful jazz mix of the Narshe theme. Jazz is not usually my thing, but I love this one. This one would be on at my dinner party too =)

There's a ton of great orchestral tracks on here too - Ascension of a Madman, Castles in the Sand, De Nuit, and Gestahlian Sonata, to name a few.

Also a few really interesting takes on the source music, like Montana de los Caballos Jovenes and Stone Drum. I love the variety of styles represented on the album - it keeps it from getting boring.

And of course, the Opera remixes did a fantastic job. The Impresario reminds me a lot of Bohemian Rhapsody. Great vocals, great lyrics, very fun to listen to.

Amazing album guys! Keep up the good work!

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Pardon if my post is a multiple one, my review was for the entire album tracklisting excluding the bonus disk. Figured I'd leave my impressions from the album.

(Part One)

Disc One

Prologue - From the opening of the game itself, the game lent it’s darker themed atmosphere to the player and the this track opens very much the same way. An orchestral touch really gave this track more foreboding than the source track, but the song itself is powerful and, at parts, even seems whimsical. Halfway through the track it turns to a militaristic approach that leads into the theme we hear throughout the game, and with a very smooth transition. Eventually the track bursts into a epic wave of horns and percussion, instilling that very same hope we find in the game through the characters before quieting down and carrying us out on a well ended track, returning us back to a quieter end.

Now is The Winter - As a fan of jazz music, I was quite impressed to see what Mustin did to the source track. Turning the Mines of Narshe track into a down tempo jazz mix was a natural fit with the piano that’s heard in the track source itself. The Narshe track was always one of my favorites and I was overjoyed to hear how the remixer managed to keep it as close to it’s original form while putting their own style to it.

Remember - Hearing this track for the first time in my youth and as an adult still held the same emotions: ‘What was to be? Where would this character go?’. The source track always had sort of a mystical quality to it and Joshua Morse’s remix definitely brings that out to the listener. As one of the slower tracks, it’s worth a listen every time you queue the entire album. It demands such attention from the listener.

Smoke and Clouds - I’ll admit that at first the track was one of my least favorites but I give it respect for taking Locke’s theme and transforming it into a dreamscape worthy of the character. I should be more clear and say the opening to the song didn’t entice me but as the track progressed the female vocals laid to the music itself eventually began to win me over. Especially towards the end when the upsweep of the music kicks in and we hear that iconic part of his track where you feel valiant listening to the track and the vocals and violin definitely make the track more powerful.

Polemos - As a lover of battle themes and harder styles of music in general such as metal and hard rock, this track took what slight disappointment I felt from the beginning of Smoke and Clouds and transformed my previous disappointment into a sort of realization - Locke was cast from his dream straight into combat. Whether or not the intent was for the two tracks to work together like that is beyond me but this track lends such variety to the battle theme of the game. The whole arrangement is just kept alive by the guitar work but the whole track is well done, and well arranged, to me.

Taste’s Like Victory - Okay, this track was sort of a toss up between conflicting emotions: Outright disliking it or being impressed with a short source track being turned into an almost three minute long song. Eventually, the impressionism won over the discontent. The vocals, I feel, lend such mystique to the track.

Castles in the Sand - I cringed when I saw the title of the track and the track source information because I was, am and will always be a fan of the Figaro brothers. But as the track opened and traversed into the track proper, I began to fall instantly in love with this track because it captured the regality and power behind the brothers themselves and their kingdom. Then when it grew into the Figaro Castle them, the hairs on my neck stood on end and I instantly knew whom ever mixed this track either had a fond love for the source or a respect for the track to do it justice. From the percussion to the overall arrangement I couldn’t find one thing I did not love about this track. Very nicely done!

Ascension of a Madman - Ah, Kefka. What’s not to like about his theme, as well as his character. His theme was always reflective of his persona, and this remix certainly speaks volumes to the madman himself. The variety of instrumentals played to the percussion really lends a maddening energy of its own, and dare I say, even gives it a life of it’s own. Halfway through the song when it picks up into that frantic din of music it even more closely resembles the madman.

La Montaña de los Caballos Jóvenes - Mount Koltz is one of those areas some people have a love hate relationship mainly due to the encounter rate and the boss that, if you’re like me, and have never had much experience with fighting games you found yourself irritated by the cheap premature game over Sabin suffers. I digress - this track is purely aural joy! The Latin influenced guitar work into the flamenco sounding progression through the track just takes the source to all new levels. Many kudos to the father-in-law who stepped in and gave a unexpected yet strong performance on the trumpet, too. I’d also like to say the flute sections were well implemented.

On the Run - I’m honestly still unsure on how I feel about this track. It’s whimsical, the lyrics fit the Returners, but for some reason I find it hard to truly appreciate. Musically, it feels very much like Smoke and Clouds but what sets it apart is the snippets of piano scattered throughout the song, and roughly one-forth into the song one truly comes to get into it, but it’s that early on impression that leaves this track hard for me to judge.

Side Note: My girlfriend gave me her opinion and she’s stated her stance - she said it’s hypnotic and that the sound of it is very peaceful.

A Fistful of Nickels - Oh man. When this track played the first time, I was about ready to explode from joy. Not only did they play up the Western influences to Shadow’s theme, but it strongly reminds me of the first two Wild Arms titles. Like with Castles in the Sand, I felt this played very well and complimented the character whom it’s dedicated to in-game. From the whistling to the violins, I found this song incredibly well put together and, dare I say, epic in it’s own Spaghetti Western flair. Even Clint Eastwood would enjoy it, I think.

Camp Kefka - This track started out strange but once those crunchy guitar rifts kicked in, I was sunk into the track. Considering this is Joshua Morse again, whose early track I enjoyed, I found myself impressed to hear two different sounding tracks from him. This one gives the source track I found it previously lacked, and I believe it stems from the powerful crunch of the guitar to the percussion and horns. And, when it went into that slightly dubstep section, I even gave in to the wild sounds it produced (and I hate dubstep).

Stone Drum - I’m not going to lie that this track caught me off-guard. At first, the old film style sounding beginning really lent it an emotion I believed fit Cyan, but then when it hit the hip-hop style bass and percussion I was…well…unimpressed at first. I’m not a fan of hip-hop, so that did sway me at first but then I kept revisiting this track and began to put my biased opinion aside and eventually found myself revisiting this track more often because not only is it different but because Cyan’s a favorite character of mine, and while the remix takes the track in a different direction than expected, I think it’s that difference that brings me back to the song over and over to enjoy it.

Toxic - As with Stone Drum, I wasn’t sure how to best approach this track because it has influences from genre’s of music I both love and yet dislike. And the source track was one of my favorites and I felt like this took some of the urgency and chaos from the source track and made it sound more like a techno-rave mix. Production wise I appreciate the direction it takes the chaos from the source track and turns it around into something erratic yet somehow it still flows eerily well. I think if one were to approach this without any knowledge to the source track, they can easily fully enjoy it. As for myself? I had to put my love of the original to the side and appreciate this remix on it’s own.

De Nuit - The Phantom Forest. Easily one of my favorite original tracks from the game, and when the violin rose from my laptop speakers and nailed my ears, I was thoroughly ready to surrender to it. And I did. I feel the playful backdrop to the violin really makes this track unique and unlike it’s source, making it stand out on it’s own.

Gobble, Snarf, Snap - Dear lord, this track. THIS track. When I remember the Phantom Train segment and the gloom that hung in the air while playing through that and then hearing this remix, I felt like someone had a damned good time playing it. The jazzy almost swing like bass carries this song on a playful romp to the afterlife, and as I found myself listening to it over and over again, I felt like it was new each time because I found something to musically enjoy each time. This is a romp through the lands of pure aural bliss.

Savage Triumph - From the moment the song started, I almost found myself disliking it from the synthed up sounding opener but I stopped and thought about the Veldt. Who’s to say that this track wouldn’t fit the chaotic landscape that is the Veldt? I’m not fan of Dubstep, which I felt like this track was largely, but I found myself enjoying the track regardless of my overall musical taste because it felt like it belonged to Veldt. Then that guitar halfway through the song kicked in and only confirmed how great a track this turned out to be despite initial reaction.

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(Part Two)

Disc Two

Wild Child Ballad - Seeing as this theme is rarely heard in the game, I think I might’ve been one of the several who barely heard it so I’ve little knowledge of the source track, but I will say that I’m familiar with the character himself. Gau’s story was tragic, considering what little we find out about him, and this track fit’s the character quite well and even comes off to have an almost French flair.

Side Note- Read the Director’s and Arist’s notes: I hear Yasunori Mitsuda influence!

River of Sine Waves - Hrm, it was hard to say what I felt from this track. First impression was how it combined chip tune with acoustics, and then the piano complimenting the overall track, and after several listening to it, I felt like the track wrapped itself into a melding of acoustics and chip tunes very well. It’s rather charming, when you get right to the meat of it.

Idle City Streets - This track strongly resembles When the Smoke Clears from the Human’s disc of the Xenogears album. Which, stating that, When the Smoke Clears was one my favorite tracks and henceforth this one quickly grew on me especially because of it’s all acoustic work. There isn’t much I could complain about on this track - it’s simply beautiful to listen to and it’s very calming.

Courage, Failure, Rosebud - The Martial Law track from the game was easily one of my favorite considering the story at that point in the game. When I heard the cut-up vocals set to a percussive backdrop, it felt like a natural fit considering what’s one of the most impressionistic symbolisms of struggle - echoing voices. The piano throughout the song was something I wish there was more of in the track but what there was wasn’t overused and thus made the track all the more powerful.

Bad Octopus - Cute title. When I read the notes behind it I can definitely hear the circus prog rock sound to it (an admirer of prog here!) and what was done with the two lesser used battle themes made this track so fun and zany to listen to. I think what stood out to me were how the bass and guitar were handled compared to the craziness of the other instruments. And kudos to taking short tracks and melding them to form a almost five minute long track.

Train Suplex - Again, funny title. I have heard Decisive Battle countless times over from Youtube to Newgrounds and Black Mages but this one has it’s one life to it - it doesn’t stick to the strick rock or metal formula and instead goes straight for drums and synth, mixed with some very good remixing ingenuity.

Side Note - I’m not the only fellow who used Suplex on the train, eh?

There Will Be Blood - I read the notes and braced myself before hitting this track but I was still unprepared for the distortion and erratic amount of din going on throughout this song. I dislike being a heavy nay-sayer, but this one was one of the ones that, no matter how many time I revisited it, it just never sunk into me. I think even after it settled into itself and I became accustomed to how it sounds, I just found myself not liking it. On the plus side, I believe that it captures the events in which it plays in the game through sheer energy, so it has that going for it from my opinion.

Terra’s Resolve - Ah, this track was delightfully powerful. I’m a large fan of orchestral tracks, and Terra’s theme was one I thought always deserved such fanfare and, lo and behold, here it lies in aces. I couldn’t honestly find anything against the track aside from the fact Square hasn’t remade the game and used it for Terra, because from the composition to the arrangement it’s all genius.

A Simple Flip Can Change Fate - Man, what could I say about this track….It resonates with me. Out of all the tracks that have spawned from this project, this one hit’s the hardest for me. The acoustic work and as well as the consideration towards the brother’s relationship towards each other, and just how intimate this piece comes off…On some level it strikes me personally, as well, because my own relationship to my only blood brother is strained and this reminds me of my youth when I was still hopeful it could be repaired.

Side Note: And it’s by Level 99? I’ve always liked your work, and this only adds to the admiration. Kudos, mate. Kudos.

Electro de Chocobo - Heh, this is a cute track that makes the already cute mascot even more so. It also livens up the already playful source track, and really makes it comes to life. One thing I can say is I appreciate how it keeps the energy ever flowing throughout the entire track and never once seems to lose that flow. It’s a never-ending Choco-parade!

Reveries of the Broken Phoenix - Rachel and Locke’s story was a driving force toward me always using him as I saw that his constant use meant he was ever striving towards having the power to maybe one day bring her back to him. Upon reading the notes, I can say the artist definitely kept the context and emotion that was evident in the back-story of those two ill-fated lovers. And the sorrow that comes from the overall arrangement portrays such a sadness well.

Slam Davis - Ah, this location in the game was always a borderline treat and hair-ripping experience for me as a child, but as an adult I began to see the layers of characterization that the environment and music represented. It almost has a film noir, grimy blues or jazz feeling to it and I think it well suit’s and honors the source track.

Side Note: Mazedude - I could see where you felt inspired by watching people in NYC going about their day on the streets and Slam Shuffle fitting their lives. I’ve traveled through NYC several times and I can say I can completely understand where you’re coming from.

Fiddlesticks Rag - Another rather charming track. I’m not overly familiar with ragtime music as I’d like to be but from what I have heard throughout my life, I’d say this really captures a certain energy that the source track itself even had all the way back when the game came out. And the violin gives this track a steady waver of fun and silliness while keeping the track rooted.

The Nightmare Oath - What’s this I hear, guitar? Giving it more of a listen…and then….explosion of music! I recall the opera segment fondly and this really uplifts what was already great and really extends it into a new realm of power and grandeur. The vocals set to the almost prog track really gives it something I can’t quite place, but however you see it the vocals have a type of depth to them I don’t hear that often. The guitar work eventually steals the show towards the end.

The Impresario - Holy hell. Did not expect a track this grand to follow one that was so powerful. This one I’d dare even say compares, inspirationally so, to Bohemian Rhapsody with the lyrical work and instrumentals. It just has that feeling. I like how this track takes the Opera section and really blows it up to a lively story and really sets a new bar for group working together to make something unique out of a track segment from the game most people either ignore or write off. Kudos, people!

Till We Meet Again - This melodic piece really pulls the last two tracks together and wraps it up with some gorgeous female vocals. I’m not sure what else to say that could be said about this track - the vocals truly steal the show while being complimented by the beautiful arrangement behind it. On a fun side note - I’ve had my girlfriend and two close friends listen to this and even they agree that whomever the female is to keep singing beautifully.

Full Speed Ahead - Hell yeah, a Setzer track! Of course, when I actually heard it I had to stop myself from wanting to yell ‘blasphemy’ at the top of my lungs because of the intro but once the song progressed and I heard more of it, I resumed my gleeful cheer because it captured that feeling of sailing through the skies on a casino styled airship with gaming’s most notable gambler. That driving bass drum through the song makes me want to dance, though - and I’m no Mog.

Disc Three

Flava de Chocobo - Ah, another Joshua Morse track eh? I’m down. Why, this reminds me of the Mega Man Robot Museum music I liked from you, sir. Jazzy and rather funky, there’s nothing else I want to say other than I want a dancing chocobo gif for this track. Okay, I can say more - I really appreciate the funky approach to the chocobo theme coupled with some jazzy piano and R&B style percussion. Very suave.

Johnny’s Got That Funk - I can’t help but feel like this is an almost steam-punk style bar theme. I guess that’s because of the synth influenced rifts that gifts into some kickin’ piano and the fact the energy of this track never dies. It’s a definite top-tapping track, that’s for sure.

Gestahalian Sonata - An all piano track that encompasses Gestahl’s theme as well as a bit of Kefka in the mix? I can’t say I can find any fault in this remix because it’s genius. I’m a pianist myself, as listening to this only makes me want to pull out a loan to buy something with ivory and ebony and to hit the keys. The track I think has a life of it’s own separate from the character yet at the same time runs parallel to it at the same time with how it could easily fit the character while, yet, distinguishing itself as it’s own track.

The Megiddo Brigade - The Devil’s Lab. I hated that place as a child and as an adult I scoffed at it but this remix has an energy the industrial versions I’ve heard do not and I believe it might be instrumentals used in the track. And might I say this, too - the percussion laid in step with the track overall makes it not only catchier but stronger.

There’s Nothing Like Flying - A chip tune piece that not only has a light and frothy energy but an uplifting sound to it? And it manages to encompass other FF6 motif’s throughout? I have to say, I’m impressed with the melding of so much in one track.

Mogstradamus - I think this lends a new breathe of fresh energy to the already spastic race known as the Moogles, and I think that the race overall would be shaking their collective furry rumps and hovering pomps to this track. It’s a very charming track that really makes use of such unconventional instrumentals and arrangement to make a fun track to listen to. Though not a fan of dubstep, as I’ve stated before, this track still captures ones attention.

Aggressive Blue Magic - I won’t mention my dislike for dubstep anymore after this one because it’s going to be obvious afterwards. I like Strago, and his theme was always one that stood out to me and this one’s no different. While it’s well put together and enjoyable at intervals, I eventually found the song slightly annoying if listened to repeatedly.

Pure Essence - Electronic R&B for the darling of Final Fantasy 6? I’d say it’s a fit considering the character’s naivety compared to the other characters. I can’t think of anything to dislike and I’m not even a huge fan of R&B (I like some, but very selective amounts of it) but this one is among that small list of material I like.

Illusionary - ‘Another World of Beasts’ was, and is, one of my favorite tracks that hails over quite a few other ones so I approached this with fangs bared to rip it asunder through biased admiration of the source track. Eventually I found myself being a defanged pussy-cat due to the fact I honestly couldn’t hate one such a well put together and thought out track, and I daresay it pays homage to the original with an all new approach with the use of it’s percussion.

Black Genesis - Hm, I had to listen through this one a few times because I didn’t know how to handle the electronic bit early on but once that guitar work hit, I forsake that notion and started to sit back and enjoy this track as any of fan of rock or metal would. Sir Strader did very well on the fretwork and the arrangement has some top notch work on it. Later on in the song it’s almost as if the energy just imploded and went haywire, which isn’t an insult - tis a good thing.

Meditations on an Apocalypse - The intro had a distinguishable ethnic feeling to it that gave way to a down-played percussion while uplifting the track source to centre stage. The whole track had a noticeable, I guess I’d say, Asian or Indian style flair to it. It’s hard to truly say much other than I enjoyed the approach to the source track they took on this one.

Evisceration - I’m suddenly reminded of the bike chase in Final Fantasy 7, and I’m certain the intro on this song had a hand in that image. But the drum and bass bits on this track certainly make it feel all the more like a boss track but for some reason I feel like the track loses something in the process from all the percussion but gains something else. Urgency? Most likely. You feel as if, if you don’t keep up, you’ll die.

A Tranquil Rest - A sad track following the high energy DnB one? Well, what stark contrast that is. I’m saddened by the fact it’s not longer but it’s so beautifully made and so well placed that I can’t fully complain or live up to my complaint. Not whole-heartedly.

Elegy for a Ruined World - A grand epic on when the world was lost is the best way I can sum up this piece. And I don’t think I could say anything more than just that. Aside from the fact it’s well paced and arranged.

Event Horizon - That bit in the beginning felt so very Asian. Just saying. Overall, this track captured an almost eerie sort of Halloween percussion driven energy and never relented. ‘The Day After’ was monumental to me back when and now whenever I hear it, and as a remix I feel this one breathes something new into the decaying world the source track echoed throughout.

Blackjack’s Breakup Bossa - What….what in…the….hell? This one is just so left field compared to the previous two tracks. It’s suave, I’ll lend you that much, but just…see opening line. Now, onto my opinion - I liked this little ditty. Very Katamari Damacy in it’s own right.

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(Part Three, Final)

Disc Four

A Glimmer of Hope - As with ‘A Simple Flip Can Change Fate’, this one resonates with me but not so much on a personal level but on a spiritual level. Journeying inward to find the answers to steel our resolves, pushing forward through overwhelming odds, and eventually pushing beyond what our would be tattered bodies can handle and all the while we never lose sight of the sky. That what the sound of this track instills in me.

Go-Go Gadget Gonkulator - Hey, it’s the cousin to Gobble, Snarf, Snap! And it’s none the less catchy! It’s almost downright sounding like a literal carnival just erupted and this song was the organ-grinder in the middle attracting all the hapless lovers of it’s mysterious tune. My god, though, this track is fun to listen to. And it’s downright catchy, beyond it even.

Katabasis - We go from wild and catchy to grand and sweeping, and a beautifully layered track at that. Cello, viola, violin? I’m a fool for all three instruments and they’re in this track which instantly earns it a place among my favorites from this project.

13th Floor Demonstration - Hm, reminds me of a certain location in FF8...can’t imagine why. Maybe because of it’s strong similarity, composition wise? I’m not going to complain, though, and I wasn’t even going to because this track is sweet. It’s smooth, yet sort of glitches, and yet it has the right amount of strength to it to make it a contender with other tracks that encompass similar styles with it.

The Narshemellow - Heh. This track. I loved reading the note behind it. It sounds so much like my girlfriend and I it’s not even….well, okay, it is funny. But I have to say that XPRTNovice really stole some attention from during this project. All of your tracks have a life of their own I can dig right down to how different they are to how well put together they are. That’s not to say the rest of them aren’t so but these tracks are just outright catchy.

The Endless Stairs - “I know it isn't a classic track like many of the other FF6 tunes, but I hope people enjoy my take on it.” - to quote Argle. Well, Argle, I can say that I not only enjoyed your take on it but I played it during that segment of my game if that tells you anything. The gradual build and construction of this song reminds me of mid-career NIN as well as the Ghosts album from NIN, all music I liked.

Trauermarsch - The ascension towards God; the overcoming of numerous trials; the melding of a group ragged and torn from the journey - this track encompasses their final trek into the mouth of madness that had spawned from Kefka’s design. And I feel it’s easily one of my favorites in the trinity I’ve dubbed “Mind, Spirit and Body” Like with ‘A Simple Flip Can Change Fate’ and ‘A Glimmer of Hope’, this one is the Body of the trinity. If one truly wants to know, it’s really inspired by the fact that this song, like the other two, resonates with me on a personal level and this one is struggle to overcome faults of my own, that which in some way mirror that of the struggle of the characters from this beloved game. I feel this track easily captures their ascension like none other I’ve heard before it.

Demon, Fiend and Goddess - Standing before the God that bore malice, he, the destroyer of one world and craftsman of another, must now bare the slings and arrows of those who cried freedom from his oppressive regime. This track could easily have been renamed the “Divine Comedy” because of the sheer level of brilliance in it. It easily captures the final struggle, the grand conflict coming to it’s apex, and it’s winding down of a wrecked and malformed road bent by a madman. The guitar work and overall arrangement just ooze talent, and really bring ‘Dancing Mad’ to life in this version of it.

Ending Suite - With the madness bore from he who claimed the throne of God slain, and the tower he built now crumbling, the journey had ended and now the warriors of many races and creeds make their escape. This track easily brings life to all the characters in the game and represents them in turn and, even though it’s not the final track, it feels as if the hard work all mounted to this grand opus of characterization.

Humble Beginnings, Great Expectations - The journey has concluded, and what would become of those who risked their lives for that of the world? They live on and strive to return the world back to balance, one day at a time, for in a world of ruin, there is no such thing as immediate rebirth. This iconic track is a perfect ender to the project (I’m excluding the bonus cd, if that’s alright), as it brings us back to where it all began - the source track “The Prelude”. And here it’s presented in glorious style, musically summing up this aural quest through the interpretation of one quest of many from the creative minds of many great artists.

Well, folks, I hope you take the time to read my thoughts on this grand album. The Kickstarter funds were well used, because while I might not have liked all the tracks entirely, the quality is there. I know I’m not one for posting remixes or, hell, my musical knowledge as of right now is limited but in the future I hope I’ll learn and be able to be more descriptive. You should all be proud of the work you’ve done, and never stop striving to be the best at what you do - the only limitations we ever have are beset upon us by our own hands, after all. I know I’ve enjoyed all the work this site, and all of you, have done.

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Blackjack’s Breakup Bossa - What….what in…the….hell? This one is just so left field compared to the previous two tracks. It’s suave, I’ll lend you that much, but just…see opening line. Now, onto my opinion - I liked this little ditty. Very Katamari Damacy in it’s own right.

I don't know if this is my place to speak for Callum or not, but if I recall correctly, one of his reference tracks for making the track was indeed "Que Sera Sera" from the Katamari Damacy OST. That track also was a good surprise in the first remix contest for this album, and I'm so glad it made the cut too =)

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The Endless Stairs - “I know it isn't a classic track like many of the other FF6 tunes, but I hope people enjoy my take on it.” - to quote Argle. Well, Argle, I can say that I not only enjoyed your take on it but I played it during that segment of my game if that tells you anything. The gradual build and construction of this song reminds me of mid-career NIN as well as the Ghosts album from NIN, all music I liked.

That's weird, djpretzel mentioned NIN too. I'm only familiar with his early stuff up to the Downward Spiral, but I don't particularly hear the similarities (other than the general industrial genre tropes).

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That's weird, djpretzel mentioned NIN too. I'm only familiar with his early stuff up to the Downward Spiral, but I don't particularly hear the similarities (other than the general industrial genre tropes).

Check out The Fragile onward for some similar-sounding stuff. He got pretty soundtrack-y in that time period, great stuff. Your track is excellent too!

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