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Super Smash Bros. Brawl


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lol, that has to be the worst (and fastest) photo-manipulation (or in this case, screenshot-manipulation) I've ever done =P

I DO hope we get to change item frequencies something like that though... except with much more than 4 items on the screen at a time.

I do give you props for alphabetizing the items. It had a little bit of authenticity to it. But I did think it strange to fill up so much space with 4 items per page, which would probably make tens and tens of pages in total.

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At 812 pages I'm not going to back track to see what's been said and what hasn't. I'm sure this has been long since talked about. (geez what a long thread)

Anyways, I work so I don't hear as much about video games as I used to, but I am a huge fan of SSB:M and I just found out Sonic was going to be included as one of the brawlers.

I thought that was pretty fuggin' tight.

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He looked like one of the gorillas from Congo.

And Meta Knights FS was fucking awesome!

Reminded me of Akuma's special.

Ike's FS was pretty dope as well.

You liked Meta Knight's really? I thought it was kind of lame.

I mean the idea is cool and I guess a quick cut is fitting, but I just thought it was terribly anti-climactic a move. Its initial hit is kind of short too.

Ike's though is insane. That initial strike to hit them in the air and initiate the whole thing has huge range for a melee move. It seemed to catch opponents even when it didn't seem like it would. And it does fantastic damage, hits others when it comes down, doesn't leave Ike open really, and it looks great to boot. I'd have to say of all the FS's I tried it was the most effective with Pit's close behind in my opinion.

Here's an example of Metaknight's cheapness. Even though he eventually gets knocked out note just how tricky it is to even hit him despite the fact he's well above 100% damage because of all those bitchy little cut hits and his ability to float. This particular player isn't the best I've seen but it should give you an idea of his style.

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Pikachu's looks pretty bad(not Powerglove BAD), but I'm sure once people play more to control it better, it'll be more effective.

The problem with it is its really surprisingly easy to block.

If it hits you, it does a lot of damage but it just goes so slowly plus the fact you can block it with just a standard bubble. Sidestep at most.

There was one fight where all the other players were inbetween 100%150 damage and Pikachu did his FS and they all blocked it and not one of them got eliminated.

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