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Super Smash Bros. Brawl


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1 single block, surrounded by two spike squares. I call my creation, "you lose"! The comment: "Mwhaha"

One thing I kind of want to know is how spawn points will be handled... I'd imagine brawl can determine it on it's own, just find solid ground, but it would be cool if we could tell the level where to spawn people.

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ROB: The-Great-Fox-is-going-down.

Slippy: Waaaaaaaauuuuughh!!!

ROB: Danger. Danger. Impact-in-T-minus-twenty-five-seconds.

Peppy: What do we do, Fox?!

Fox: ...

Falco: Fox! We're running out of time here!

Fox: ...Abandon ship! ROB, deploy the escape pod!


Soooo?... what do you think?...

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I'm thinking we're going to get an AT or Pokeball or some music. Ashley would be awesome but I'm not holding my breath for something like that for Halloween... too methological for Sakurai, heh.

EDIT: obviously the problem with a single ladder stage is that there's nowhere to start from! I don't think they'll let you spawn over a pit.

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