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OC ReMix hosting announcement & letter to ZTNet

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Zach/Brian -

Saturday morning I paid for a dedicated server with LiquidWeb to host OverClocked ReMix on, and this morning the migration was completed. This move wasn't solely prompted by the intermittent downtime/issues with ZTNet preceding this date, but that did serve as something of a catalyst, as during those sorts of outages it's always been difficult to ascertain what was going on and when issues would be resolved, etc. Regardless, I feel that OC ReMix has grown into a site that necessitates not only its own server, but the 24/7 support, fixed monthly pricing, etc. that comes with a more formalized hosting arrangement.

Quite simply, OverClocked ReMix would not exist had it not been for ZTNet. I would never have been able to get it off the ground, much less to the point where it is today, without your ad-driven but essentially free hosting services. I'd never have gotten shirts made without Zach's merchandising expertise, I'd never have learned what I've picked up about PHP, performance, MySQL, etc. if I didn't have the chance to consult with Brian, and beyond OCR, I wouldn't be as successful at my career as a software developer in general had it not been for my experiences working with both of you.

There are numerous emulation sites that can also say basically the same thing - ZTNet's services have indelibly changed the face of emulation and of game music as well. You should be proud of the positive effect you've had; my decision to host OC ReMix elsewhere is less of a complaint or criticism of your services and more of an indicator of just how beneficial they are - that they can grow small sites into large, thriving communities.

I've thought about ways to pay you back for everything you've done for me and for OverClocked ReMix; I'm sure we'll talk more about potential arrangements along those lines, as I know for awhile our site was losing you money, and that you kept us around regardless. Whatever we work out, know simply that the impact you've made on many people's lives by making OCR possible is monumental. I've had people email me telling me a given song literally saved their life, couples have played ReMixes at their weddings, and a boatload of developing artists have found a way to express themselves and improve their skills. These things have always motivated me in running the site; I hope they have a similar resonance with you in having made it possible in the first place.


David Lloyd

PS. I'm posting this email in our forums so our users know what's occurred, but also so they potentially get a feel for how much you've meant to OCR the last seven years.

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Here, here. I never talked with Brian, but the few times I got to chat with Zach, he was always great. I wouldn't be here without ZTNet making sure it stayed alive in the first place. Thanks for your help, bros. Let's hope djp doesn't drastically mess up the code in the future. (Ohwaite, dat sidebar...)

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uoh, um... 2 or 3 yrs ago i used to burn to cd's lot of overclocked remixes... Those were good mixes!

DJ Pretzel's Revival day impoetus was the best. And well, Zeratul did some good tunes (He mixed the first Chrono Trigger tune!!). Israfel did an excellent schala remix. And Saiko's only mix, Crying mountain managed to be one of the best mixes all around here. (well there is a lot of good music here :-D, but that's what i remember from 3 years ago)


EDIT : Dj Pretzel, you're forgiven... but don't you dare to do it again without notice!!! :twisted:


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Who else feels like it's worth celebrating that OCR can support itself now, without having to rely on the charity of the good folks at ZTNet?

I'm sure many websites wish they could've gotten the same sort of support that OCR did. But, yeah, it makes sense that a formal (professional) arrangement would work out for the site - here's to hoping OCR can continue to pay its own bills long into the future, without bankrupting djp. ;)

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