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Pokémon: The Missingno Tracks - History

The Damned

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More accurately, you have no time at all. Submissions ended months ago. There were several cut-offs. People have been dropped from this project due to inactivity. Those left have worked on and even completed their remixes. Some of us are working on the non-remix parts of the project, like artwork and site design.

You, and everyone else on this site, had well over a year to sign up and submit a sample of your work. I'm sorry, but it's simply too late now. It may seem unfair, but this project has had it's slow periods, and waiting for more remixes to get going and be finished could stall it even more.

If you think you have one that's good enough, give it a try through the OCR judges. If they like it, great! Another pokémon remix made it through!

But no, there will be no more people joining.

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