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Final Fantasy XII

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Interesting bit of trivia: according to IMDB, the voice actor for Basch also voices Bloo and many other characters on Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends. That's serious versatility. 8O

Notice in that list, way down the way is Phil LaMarr from MadTV - didn't know that he was a voice actor primarily.

He does MGS2 as well.

Anyone notice ties to Star Wars?

That's pretty interesting, I didn't notice that.

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For anyone who knows:

I just traveled through the Sandsea (first time) with characters aroudn level 12. I think I'm underpowered cause I'm just running my ass off trying to progress through the game without losing characters. I just got raise but I want the gambit to use it. I'm at the boss at the tomb with these Level 12 characters...should I level everyone up? It's gotten to the point where I just wanna make sure that Vossler is okay and my party is just healing.

Uh, yeah. You're gonna get raped by that boss. Get your guys to at least level 15 or so.

With the bosses in the tomb, but the Bird and the Demon Wall that you have to fight can be wasted pretty quickly with a single mist attack. The end boss, on the other hand, may be a little bit more difficult, though keeping your characters spread out, healed up, while keeping a nice stock of Phoenix Downs should be enough at level 12. Note that there are no save points in that dungeon, not even right before the last boss, so you'll have to exit the place a few times.

I restarted the game after playing for an initial 10 hours. Got to the Leviathan, and decided I wasn't leveled up enough. Right now I'm at level 20 and I'm pushing it up to Level 30 so I can just start rippin' the hell out of the rest of the enemies I'm going to encounter from here to there.

Level 20 at the Leviathan? I'll bet the Imperials are running away from you.

I was about level 20 there for my 'Solo Balthier' game, so a group of 20s there is own sauce.

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Anyone notice ties to Star Wars? Specifically A New Hope... I just got to the dreadnaught after Bhujerba...

I just got this game last week and spend the weekend playing it. I must say that I feel the same way, this game feels like a weird mix of Old-school Final Fantasy(specially VI), Final Fantasy Tactics and Star Wars. While playing it I'm always getting the feeling that I'm in a star wars universe for some strange reason, while having strange flashbacks to FFVI. o_0.

It could be just me though, I'm NutS after all.(BTW, I'm completely loving this game.)

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I'm getting really pissed off at this game, making me explore areas 4 times where monsters give me 2 EXP to get the right weather to get my hunting mark.

Shh. It's not about EXP - it's all about LP.

I'm level 70. My LP board is complete for every character except for those useless bows/guns/swords that a given character will never use.

Also, I was specifically talking about the gil snapper hunt, which came kinda late in the game, at least for me, and was a total bore.

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I'm trying to do the marks as I go, as opposed to waiting till the end and just totally obliterating most of the marks. It is amazing in FF12 how long you can do shit that doesn't advance the plot whatsoever and still have fun.

I reached the 40 hour mark last night and still haven't been to Archades.

Similar here, I think - I'm in Arcahdes right now with 45 hours logged total.

I spent like 15 hours yesterday just hunting and levelling up.

EDIT: Oh, and I got Adrammelech with level 30 fighters.

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65 hours and we just got to salickawood. Damn those moogles are lazy!

I agree that the mark hunting and other random side things are awesomely fun, and it's nice to have side stuff near the middle of the game rather that right before the final dungeon as most RPGs do.

great times are being had, though I want to finish up soonish and move on to zelda. Might be awhile however. :)

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