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Mods: List of spammers w/ links & search terms


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Managing a small forum of my own, I have recently found the best method of removing spammers is to have a little text prompt during registration. Like, a required field where you must answer a simple question like "What is 1+5?" and "Type the word cat". If you have enough of them and they vary widely, but are simple enough not to frustrate noobies, then you can really stop a lot of the new automated spammers that can read those captchas.

I've seen spam on my site drop from 2-30 a day to 0. And I've seen spam registration drop from about 8 a day to 0. It's only been 2 weeks, so I'm not sure if somebody will bother to crack my questions.

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Reviving this thread cuz I can't go on irc and might as well make a spambot report thread out of this one.



They're getting smarter, quoting the site and members... but they can't resist advertising tattoo removal in their sigs.

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