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A Map. Where do you live?


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There needs to be a dot added in Cuba right in the middle that says, "Disney" or "Mickey's House", or some other fucked up shit. I live in that place. If you live in "Cuba" too, then you know there should be another dot on the southeastern tip of "Cuba" that reads "snow" or "Columbian Trading Center", or, even better, "Where the rest of America gets it's coke"...

I also like how 1 of the beaches is right in the middle of the Everglades.

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Below the bottom tip of top line of the "T" in "wheat". Although, I'm pretty sure it's more meth than wheat here.

According to Ramrod's map, I'm part of the "in the way", where actually all the Indians live. It seems like there should be some kind of joke to be made with "Indians" and "in the way", but um.

"That's what Andrew Jackson said!"

(Indian Removal Act, for those not living in the wonderful [?] USA.)

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