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vBulletin Forum Migration Issues

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Out of curiosity, how many people do you actually have on your block list?

At the moment, three.

I can usually deal with silly annoying twerpism (especially in OffTopic). But when I find my time wasted by reading a reply in PPR that is basically a combination of canned idiocy and backhanded (if not direct) insults, I get a little annoyed. Now they don't even have to show up on the screen.

It's very nice.

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What was old and obsolete had to be destroyed to make way for the glorious future!

...you know, kind of like a forest being paved over to make a housing development. ;)

And just a few years later the housing development becomes the next ghetto.


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To me, the advantage of a quick reply feature on a forum is that I do no have to click a link to type a reply to a thread.

The quick reply box here, though, requires that I click a reply link before I can type in the box. If you need to click a link to activate it, it nullifies any reason to have it (SMF and UBB have spoiled me).

Now, either I'm blind and dumb (likely), or it isn't there, but I've scanned through the User CP and found no way to change this behavior. Has anyone else been able to?

I'm sorry if I brought this up an additional time, I did a quick search, but nothing thorough.

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Hmm... That thread didn't show in my search...


That's Page 17 (it's not the last anymore) for others who are wondering.

I didn't know that ANY modern forum software still used threaded stuff like that.

You can always count on legacy features to hold back modern ones....

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