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Hey, I'm having trouble dling the Trauma Center: Second Opinion soundtrack using LimeWire. If I can dl it, it will be corrupt. Everything else tells me that I "Need More Sources." Does someone have a better way of getting it? Or advice to fix my problem here?

I don't believe that you've grasped exactly what this thread is about sir.

I know that Reunion Studio's members frequently post their releases in the WIP boards, but some people don't get the chance to see them.


Check them out.

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Possibly the best Zelda "Remix" I have ever heard.

I say "Remix" because its a real remix and something that wouldn't get accepted on OCR, but still an excellent song (its a shame, but I understand why the policy is the way it is).

That's a very nice mix. I agree with pretty much everything you wrote there.

Edit: I <3 that Punch-out mix, too.

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Sorry for missing a week of the column! I'll have one this sunday I SWEARS

also, I found an interesting new netlabel!


like its namesake suggests, all releases on this label are released in 20kbps mp3.

Honestly... it makes me a bit nostalgic for the good old days of the internet... lossy realmedia streams and other shit we all had to put up with. I recommend listening to the newest release, it's kind of weird in parts but the guitar playing is rather relaxing.

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Oh, this is one kick-ass thread! Why did I miss it? *kicks self in the head*

for some quality club electro, visit Boeoes Kaelstigen's MySpace and scroll down to the MP3 section.

Here they offer 3 live sets from different gigs for download, totalling at almost 2 hours of club music for free. This is not missable.

I will be back with more! MUCH MORE!

EDIT: Also, I love you for your supreme taste in music and love for netlabels OverCoat, let's have manbabies ^^

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Okay, I searched the thread and I'm surprised you missed these. It's even OCR-related.

Sam 'Shnabubula' Ascher-Weiss has released many albums of original music in mp3 format over at his webspace ArnoldAscher.com.

Here you can find over 7 original albums, some chiptunes and piano performances. A true goldmine. Sam's work is highly enjoyable even though it's at times very spastic. Creative digital signal processing should be his second name together with jazz.

Go get this now!

If you're stupid and want to try something out before downloading it all I recommend "She's a grammar god" and "Community Knowledge". Great short albums.

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Does anyone know a hot link where I can still download Septic Dreams from Children of the Monkey Machine? I missed that one the first time around, and Matt's stuff has always been pretty tight. At any rate, the link is dead, and Google only points to that link. Can anyone put it on Megaupload or something?

Seconded! After all the hype on the first few pages...

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