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How badass would it be


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Monkey ball! Hahahaha

my GOD, man! are you insane? it would be a phobiacs nightmare, fear of inclosed spaces and heights!! but i'd love it!

how bout FUSION FRENZY!!!!?

fighting games? naw, forcefeed back is needed... collision detection would be a nightmare. but i totally like the idea. they should have a door instead of a hole so you can't break your leg running away from the zombies/aliens/ghosts (pac-man!!)/goblins(wow fan's stereotype turned into an athelete)/ nazis/ or anyother badguy.

its like those nascar cars in malls. moving chasis and multiple screens simulating the track. cool in theory but not really an everyday thing.

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I had an idea like this when I was talking about virtual reality. I was ponder how to move, and a treadmill had crossed my mind. So I figured why not a giant sphere on a freely rotation axis? It would be like being in a ball mouse, but crazy. Also, there would have to be a custom-made game for it, as not much would truly capture the feeling.

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