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Tim Follin: Dirge for the Follin - Musician Recruitment


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I'm going to try a new track, or see if I can revise my Scumball track... Iv REALLY improved since my last submissions (as LT would see if he read my PMs ;_; to everyone else, wait for the Tales project to come out, mines the Colette mix)

Hmm what style am I up for today....

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Note to myself to comment on Justin's Silver Surfer revisions.

AnSo and Mazedude are on board with multiple WIPs, so hopefully the creative juices result in some tracks that can be added. Both of these guys are some of the best in the community, so I've got my fingers crossed!

You've still got to comment on my revisions, too.

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Liontamer mentioned a song named "Tick" among his biased picks. This is the list of songs I've found from this game...

101 - title screen

102 - prologue

103 - aquamarine bay

104 - perils of the coral reef - introduction

105 - perils of the coral reef - main

106 - perils of the coral reef - the race

107 - perils of the coral reef - the great white

108 - four ways of mystery

109 - passage from genesis

110 - pathways from nowhere

111 - up and down - the great geyser

112 - up and down - the lake

113 - roaring forces - the chase

114 - roaring forces - metamorphosis

115 - atlantis lost

116 - descent of the foe

117 - vortex of time

118 - shrine of controversy

119 - master of forgotten skills - introduction

120 - master of forgotten skills - solving the puzzle

201 - process that never ends

202 - blades in motion

203 - obscure ways to terminus

204 - sleeping forces of doom

205 - twisted realities

206 - anguish of dearth

207 - entrapment

208 - caverns of hope

209 - powers of levitation

210 - powers of levitation - activating the generator

211 - hanging waters

212 - ice and fire

213 - ice and fire - victory

214 - abyss of inferno

215 - abyss of inferno - victory

216 - mutaclone

217 - invasion

218 - transfiguration

219 - heart of the foe - victory

220 - epilogue

221 - you must continue

222 - game over

223 - credits

224 - bonus - the race excerpt (unused alternate version)

225 - bonus - aquamarine bay excerpt (unused alternate version)

So is it any one of these? I don't know where to find this song if it's not in this list.

I'd join this project if I could only find some music of his that I liked...

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I see. There were 2 unused tracks in that list, too, but I guess they were in the game data then. I realize this might not be important to this project, but OCRemixes must normally be of music found in the actual game data, right?

Yeah, an arrangement of The Tick wouldn't be fair game for OCR, but as a Follin composition, of course it's bueno for this project.

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Yo, uhm, my big brother got some info on this quite awhile ago. Are you still accepting songs? if so, which games are available remixing?

What's the deadline? How much time do we have til we have to turn in our entry?'

oh and wow I'm not used to having the latest posts at page 1 :)

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Are you still accepting songs?


if so, which games are available remixing?

Any games with music originally composed by Tim Follin. I'll let anyone know if they run into any major exceptions.

What's the deadline? How much time do we have til we have to turn in our entry?'

Looks like the fall of '08, so you have a little while.

In other news, SnappleMan looks to be available again, so we're looking forward to Andy turning in something awesome (from Silver Surfer), since he doesn't know how to do it any other way.

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Looks like the last post here was in May...

Am I correct in thinking Gambit is getting no love yet? I'd definitely like to take a crack at that one if there's still time. (What's the latest on project timelines?)

Yeah, Gambit's got no love!

As far as release this, before the end of the year would be nice, but that would have to compete with Summoning of Spirits, so perhaps after MAGFest in January. I could always aim for a March release and call it a day after that, as I have about 10 tracks so far, and love what's been made so far.

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Hurrah! Good to know this is still going on.

Also, any sign of Follin since his retirement? Has he produced anything new?

I imagine he's keeping busy with Eyecatcher Films. He put up that letter a while back in his homepage saying that he was available for freelance work again, but I haven't heard anything involving specifics. You could always friend him on Facebook and take the chance of asking him yourself. I dunno if you'll get anything out of him though. :-)

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Well holy shit, dude. I cannot believe that Follin is getting love here! He's up there for 'huge inspiration' with Nobuo and Bunbun for me!

Yes, this post is an old one, and it's a shame, as I'd have loved to participate in any way... but I'm still an unknown and it's coming out January - March this year...

Please tell me somebody is doing some of the soundtrack for Silver Surfer. I'd do it myself, but for the reasons above, I obviously can't for this project :(

Can't wait for this!

Edit: I just looked, and it seems Silver Surfer was most certainly included. I love you guys *wipes a tear*!

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Greetings all, pojo here...aka Mike.

Is this project still alive? I've been working on a guitar based version of the title theme to Solstice now for the past couple weeks and I just stumbled across this. Perhaps if it goes over good enough it would make a good addition.

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