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OCR00683 - Super Mario Bros. "Dirty Mix"

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I've listened to the song a dozen times.

But never until I saw the video did I laugh like a madman as my eyes melted down my face and elephants paraded through my underpants.

The combination of the two is so trippy that I believe I have gotten high just by watching it.

Excellent work. Reminds me of a piece my brother did for a music class in college, only this is.. Mario.

Anyone still hosting the WTF mix?

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I've been looking for this one for some time (I knew it was here, but I thought it was actually called 'Mario Bitz', and I didn't want to really search, so meh...). Fortunately I found the remixer's name odd and clicked it by accident just now :).

This is an amazing remix of the song. Glitchy as all hell, yet it's so coherent at the same time. It's a shame there aren't more submissions like this one - as this is amazing. If you haven't downloaded it already, do it now. You won't regret it.

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God, this is so. damn. . .unconventional?

Despite being made up of a ****load of samples and the overall insanity level it sounds like a complete, fully-realized composition (and not just a bunch of crap thrown together, in a chaotic way). I love the total unpredictability of the piece, and some of the stuff here even made me laugh because of that randomness.

Nice work...I don't think I've ever heard anything quite like it here.

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It's a ReMix that needs to be heard for the experience, that's for sure. While I enjoyed some of the samples (It's a Selecta! and Yo!YoYo! among some), some of the other samples come off a tad too rough for me. But the randomness combined with humor and perhaps the most recognizable video game song ever makes it fun to hear a few times.

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This is what you get for clicking on remix-reviews of old mixes you have never heard before.
Even the strong german wheat beer I'm currently drinking, can purge what I have heard from my mind, it will haunt me in my nightmares. Funny enough I enjoyed it, perhaps I'm more of a masochist as I thought. But the mix is really well done, despite its crazyness

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