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OCR00683 - Super Mario Bros. "Dirty Mix"


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Super Mario Bros. 'Dirty Mix'

Super Mario Experimental Break Beat insanity is the only way I can describe this mix. I don't think this one is going to be everyone's favorite flavour, but I'm thinking that it just might be one of my top favorite songs from OC ReMix. Some people took the time to load this up with as much insanity as possible. Reminds me a whole lot of Aphex Twin's break beat stuff. If you dig break beat and like the insanity of Mustin's 'Haunted Hell' with a touch of CotMM's static effects, this one is definitely for you. The quality being at 320 kbps makes this a long download, and is probably not totally necessary, but considering the fact that I'm not on dial-up any more and this song is so damn amazing I'm just going to ignore that fact. To A Scholar & A Physician, all I have to say is this is amazing work and I want more, much more.

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Very spastic. That's about all that I can say. I do like music in general that has a certain amount of verve or even anxiety prone mania to it, but I thought I was going to have a seizure during this song!

That said, I like it for its insane nature and variety from other things. But not something I think I could listen to over and over.

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This is right up there with that other mario mix that got put up on vgmix.com, which is down right now, else i'd have a link for y'all... I believe it's by some guy with a japanese name that escapes me right now, and had samples of Iron Chef in it. It was of the Starman Theme... I loved that, and I love this.

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Hehehe, i really liked this mix for some odd reason (maybe Im insane >8)? ) Anyways, it is very energetic, and never boring, with some nice samples (i really liked the briefly used horns) ans wtf was up with the voice samples? I keep trying to make sense of them, but its almost like the words are mumbled, o well. An experience I believe everyone should have atleast once. Recommended if your up something different. (Someones going to kill me for this but...) I give this song a 9/10, because, although its experimental, it works, and is very unique, maybe not for everyone, but unique and took alot of hard work and a little insanity themselves.

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:lol: (HILARIOUS!) I love it! :lol: It's laugh out loud funny! I downloaded it at 5 AM this morning and it's just brutally laugh out loud funny! I woke up my mom while listening to it on headphones!

Anyway, I'd say it was a very creative experimental drum and bass mix with samples from certain European comedy shows that I wouldn't normally watch every day. I love the hip hoppers' samples at 1'00" min. I'm not exactly sure I'd reccomend this one for raves, but if your in the mood for stupid South Parkish music (it's not polka, but it has the feel), download it.

:lol: Oh yeah, I think they bumped the bit-rate up just to get you to think it was a really good remix They brainwash you saying, "If you have a 56k or 28k, the time is worth killing to get the song on your hard drive!" :lol:

Peace out!

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damn i love this mix... i think its great!

some quick goodies i think...

i think the sample @ 0:33 is just amazing.. sounds kinda like the chu-chu rocket voice sample. fits great i think =)

another great thing is the way A Scholar & A Physician just does everything so smoothly. special recognition to 1:07-1:17 i think that part owns. such smoothness :)

overall i think its a great mix. might not flow into other people's genre's, but if ur into this, u'll like it


oh yeah.... the fact that AS&AP actually puts all this nonense into a song is a definite + ;)

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BWAHAHAHA!!! The first time I heard this mix, I was disgusted. Now that I've listened to it more, I find it hilarious, hyper fun. Good thing to listen to if you are in a very crazy mood. The great thing about this remix is that you will want to listen to it over and over and over once you get it into it.

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Hello all. Glad to see you all liked it.

We thought it had been ignored by the uber-pretzel-meister. :)

Anyway. There's a little story behind it so if you feel like knowing how

it was put together and where it went from there....please excuse our

ego-trip... :oops:


Basically a very bored me (rich) decided to instigate an idea which was

'chinese remixing'. Basically taking a track remixing it and then passing

it on to someone else who chopped it up a bit more each time. The basic

idea being similar to the game 'chinese whispers'. yaknow? Where people

whisper a phrase around a large group and eventually it ends up completely different to what was said by the first person. anyway...

The track started off as a Jools Holland (UK big band music TV presenter type) Big Band style rendition of the Super Mario Bros theme and went from there....

First it went to Steve (of ASAP)...

Then Oli (of ASAP)...

Then Martin Binfield (http://www.abandonedsheep.com)

That created the final version which you all heard. However...then we

entered the dark side....

enter the Paul Taylor Node who cut up the track beyond all description

creating breakbeat & sample fusion that defies reality and at some points

just makes me want to cry...(check out 2:00onwards...sweet jesus)


yes. The "what the f**k" mix. Again it's a silly bit-rate...really really sorry. Too lazy to change it and I have my real work to do...bumpf...:(


Anyway...that's that. Sorry about the long post.

Enjoy it if you think you can handle it.....

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Whoa. Repeat: Whoa.

This song is NEVER the same for more than a couple seconds.

Very interesting, and quite different than many of the other songs I have. It's a nice change, and very well-done, too. Just whacked out, in a very cool way.

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Oh... my...

I listened to this once... well, actually I listened to the first couple seconds, audibly said "what the heck"(hrm... might not have been heck either) and restarted it. Listened to it all the way through, pushed my jaw closed, and said "I just don't know."

I DO know that after my third listen I'm still smiling.... and laughing. This is my first review... and my first post. I was planning on making my first review on another remix, but this one is just so darn impressive, that I had to do it here.

It is utterly disjointed, yet completely cohesive. In spite of its jumpiness, at no time does it even stutter, or feel unnatural. It's like a little bit of a musical hersheys bar... so full of chocolatey happy goodness that you just can't help but smile listening to it. This one is definately going into my rotation. Very Highly recommended.

(Edit: I've heard of that game... but I've always heard it called "telephone")


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Arright there.

On behalf of myself, along with Rich who has posted already, and A Scholar and A Physician (and the Paul Taylor node, for those of you who listened to the WTF mix), I'd like to say cheers to all the positive reviewers of this, our first Chinese remix.

It makes me feel all wam inside. I'm blushing as I write this.

That's all, really. Just cheers everyone.


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The Paul Taylor Node here, just adding my thanks to Binst's. I set out to destroy as much of the good work of my colleagues as possible, and I'm always pleased to wake up people's mothers.

Any requests for our next project? I think we should consider another game remix based on the reaction to this. Zelda maybe...hmm.... :twisted:

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Well played, Clerks. Well played...

I'd like to know where the samples came from, myself.

Frantic Drum'n'Bass well done. I just tried my hand at Drum'n'Bass myself, actually, but I put in each drum note by hand ;)

Everyone should hear this track! You'll love it or hate it, and if you hate it, it will proly grow on you.

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I'm still trying to find the words for this exactly. First listen I thought it was just a bunch of noise. Second listen it was more entertaining and then by the third listen I was hooked. I loved it, though I can't listen to in alot, it sure it fun ocasionally (can even make for good background noise when I'm doing other computer related things).

I really wouldn't call this music though, I'd call it an experience. Take that how you will but I really more of felt something rather than heard what I'd call music.

Highly suggested for at least one listen if not three or four.

2 Thumbs up! I'd love to hear something similar to this again!

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  • Liontamer changed the title to OCR00683 - Super Mario Bros. "Dirty Mix"

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