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Sounds EXACTLY like Akira Yamaoka's work from the Silent Hill series, but on acid, and less song-like. Seems like I really need to be familiar with the source tune to really understand this song. Without knowing anything about the source, it seems like there could be more to this. Needs to have more flowing progression IMO; I love Akira's work, so on one hand I like this song, but that also sets the bar pretty high for me for the other hand (completely different game and artist, but this song is just so similar). Okay I'm starting to like it more now. Maybe a lot. Not for thinking about too much, but just enjoying the soundzzz (very familiar ones to me so yay).

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I'd say the stuttering effect is what keeps this track, I don't think it disturbing at all. This is probably something which would drive me insane when listening to it on my way to work or something, due to it's irregular nature. However, listening to it in peace, I think this is a beautiful piece. Almost contemplative in its dissonance. ;)

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As quite a few folks before me stated, this is rather reminiscent of Silent Hill; definitely not something I would expect to hear in a Earthworm Jim remix.

Nevertheless, this is a good one. The chopped guitar adds a lot to the atmosphere.

Not a song I fell in love with instantly, but after a few listens, it really grew on me.

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Thanks for all the comments, everybody! I'll try to give a response to most of them.

In response to everyone who said that this sounds similar to Akira Yamaoka: I was listening to a him quite a bit during the time [espically "Theme of Laura"] when I was recording this, but I had no idea that it'd actually rub off onto the song. I was moreso expecting people to say that it sounded like "What it's Like" by Everlast, considering it has almost the same chord progression.

@Tepid: I'm a big fan of Linkin Park, so that certainly doesn't offend me. I'm also a huge fan of your work, especially "Quilt" on AnimeRemix, so it's awesome to get positive feedback from you.

@Geoffrey Taucer/Mustin: I'm also huge fans of yours, so again, it's great hearing positive feedback from you guys as well.

@Avaris/Liontamer: This mix wouldn't be up if it wasn't for your (as well as Skrypnyk's) help. Thanks for being patient with me throughout the making (and posting) of the song.

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I've been enjoying this remix on my playlist for sometime now so I felt obligated to get in here and comment on it.

Basically I think it kicks alot of ass. All of it. I had it cranked up loud in my bed room and my older brother heard it. He popped his head in my room and asked what it was. I told him and he told me to copy it onto the network drive so he could access it. He's not into the remixes like I am but something about it nicked him right, he really liked it. Afterwards he asked me if OCR has any other cool songs like that. "Of course!", I replied.

So job well done. Not only did you make an excellent remix of Earthworm Jim, but you converted someone.

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  • Liontamer changed the title to OCR01568 - Earthworm Jim "Acrophobia"

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