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A bump for related news...

Hey Pokémon players. You know that Mystery Gift option on your game? You don't? Go here then. Any way, tomorrow, January 12th, there's something happening on Wi-Fi. Reports are kind of sketchy as to what it is, but it is official. Don't believe it? How about if it came from the game director himself?

Might be a rare item, might be a generic thank-you note. Who knows? But it seems to be for all regions and versions.

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I've been playing Diamond ever since i got the game last year during the summer time. The pokemon in my team are the ones that you see in my siggy. I'm not the type that tries to collect them all, if anything, I'm more of a trainer and a battler.

I'm always up for battles... if you wanna battle me or trade something (although i doubt i have anything you would want), just PM me, AIM me, or MSN me so we can exchange friend codes.

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Well I'm stuck here in Japan for another year. I will be glad to bring everyone in the OCR IRC a genuine Shaymin when they get released at the next movie.

I still battle every now and then but usally it is on PBR (even though I haven't played my Wii in a while).

Consider me first in line. ;)

I haven't played recently (Tetris DS consumed me for quite a while) but I intend on resuming my game and completing the dex.

If anyone wants to trade or battle, drop me a line. :)

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Played this for the first time in a while now, still training to beat the 8th Gym, and have about 5 Spiritombs (Lv:1) farmed for trading, in case you killed the one (or 2) that were in your game.

And on that note, my DS won't recognise my router, and the downloadable drivers for the Wi-Fi USB asaptor won't install on my naggy Vista. Any help?


After downloading the drivers (again) from Nintendo's support website, the ZIP archive is said to be damaged and won't extract. Has anyone got a working driver that they could upload, or where I can get a working driver?


The original WiFi USB installation will work if you take the files out of the CD onto your hard disk, then run the setup in compatibility. After the install, go to the installation folder, and set the 3 EXE files in there to Compatibility as well, and it'll run smoothly, even if the DS says there's a communication error, it will work.

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So is this bonus thing still accessible?

No. It wasn't anything to really worry about anyway, it was just something kinda cool that you looked at for a minute then went back to whatever you were doing before.

And why the 12th? Shouldn't things like this be on special holidays or something? (Christmas, New Year's, Chinese New Year, April Fool's, etc?)

It was the director of GameFreak's 40th birthday. It's not like they just picked a random day to do it.

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I would really like an official Arceus.

I have caught a Shaymin in my game, and no I didn't use action replay/code breaker. I went up to the other island, not Pal Park, but the other. I kept going up in this flowery meadow and I eventually saw it. I battled it and caught it. I am sorry for not being specific with the location because I didn't pay attention to it.

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They are releasing a legit shaymin soon? Sweet. I will need one to companion my darkrai (not for trade, just to let ya know). Now they need to hurry up and release an official Arceus. 8)

I still got a bunch of Darkrais from the movie last year. It is good to be in Japan sometimes.

On a more serious note the next movie comes out I think in September - November timeframe.

When does Mystery Dungeon 2 come out in english?

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I can see the Ranger games being sort of like the anime. The pokémon wander around with you, you can use their attacks to alter the environment (more so than the HMs in the main series) and it seems to have a more developed story.

I would like to see some of the aspects from Ranger brought over to the core games in the future. Like if I have to get though a cave and there are vines blocking te enrance, I'd like to have more options than just "Cut". I want to be able to burn the vines away, or have a Grass-type do something that makes them move. Or a Flying type do something.

Come on, Gamefreak, use your imagination a little more.

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I am a sad panda, my campuses wireless internet doesn't seem to be compatible with the DS. :{

I was thinking of trying to raise up some more pokemon and set up teams for doubles...(and just test out the ones I had raised over the summer). But I guess I won't be doing that now.

Was pokemon ranger any good? I heard it was pretty meh...

Edit: Oh yeah, and here's something for people to play around with if they don't like having to bust their butts breeding for certain stats. http://shoddybattle.com/

I dunno if there's enough people with interest in it, but maybe a clanOCR server can be set up by someone or something. :P

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