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Game Giveaway of the Day... Jets 'N Guns

The Coop

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Well, it seems Game Giveaway of the Day is on a repeat kick, and today, that repeat is Jets 'N Guns. So if you missed it last time, here's your chance again.



Ever heard of a site called "Game Giveaway of the Day"? Probably, but it's just gotten more attention. Why? Because it's giving out copies of a seriously well done homebrew shmup called Jets 'N Guns.

Basically, the premise is, you have 24 hours to download, install and activate the game they're giving away. They do appear to have the permission of the various game makers, so it's legit by the looks of things (look in the "about" section).

Either way, I thought I'd bring this to people's attentions. You've got a little over 11 hours to grab Jets 'N Guns before it ends, and trust me, this game is worth getting. With great "Euro-Shmup" graphics, a soundtrack by Machinae Supremacy, and a hard challenge, it'll keep you busy for a while.

Here's the page for it...


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No problem. I enjoyed the demo, and when I stumbled across this site, I figured I'd give people a chance to grab it like I did.

Just five hours left before Jets 'N Guns goes back to $29.95. So if anyone's interested in getting it, your time's running out.

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The second stage is killing me =/ Anyone have any tips on what weapon setup is best for it?

With stage two, it's not so much which weapons you have, but what power level they're at. It's still early in the game, so you're not going to get the big weapons yet. So instead, try to power up the weapons you have. It'll make getting through the enemies easier.

And two hours left in the giveaway. Any takers best hurry.

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