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Starcraft 2

Shadow Wolf

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Those old screens are better than the current ones in some respects, but take a look at THESE:




But personally I like the original StarCraft's art style and unit/building sprites and effects a LOT better than most of the 3D SC2 counterparts. And I'm convinced it's not nostalgia - those old sprites are just that good. YOU may be blown away, Prophet... but meanwhile I'll be petitioning Blizzard and retexturing units and buildings to try and fix all the suck before the next expansion ^_^ When I watch a SC2 video and then go play SC1, I get the "dead" feeling you're talking about because SC2 looks so bad =P

And when I look at that third screenshot or watch any SC2 video, I can't help but fear that SC2 will be VERY visually cluttered, making it hard to play (and watch), especially when there's more than 1 team of the same race. The clarity of SC's graphics are nearly unmatched among non-Blizzard RTS games, and I don't think SC2's graphics are yet clear enough to avoid severe consequences...

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Sure they'll be workarounds, but I'd rather not have to do something technically illegal to use LAN. Not because it's illegal, but because it requires effort. But I'm kind of impartial on the issue, because I didn't play a lot of SC via LAN.

all this complaining about how sc2 looks - it's all nostalgia. really. ten years after the original, you can't seperate your feelings about the original from the stark truth - which is that the sprites in that game look terrible compared to anything available today because the graphics were so damn bad.

There are some very specific things that are bad about SC2's graphics, and even the dumbass population of the Battle.net SC2 forums can identify them.

Things like:

- It's nearly impossible to see the team colours in videos, especially for certain common kinds of units/buildings, and especially for certian team colours. I'd imagine it'll be hard to see team colours in-game as well, especially with more than 2 teams.

- The Terran and Protoss buildings look like miniature "toys", while their 2D counterparts looked like massive towering buildings. Personally I think SC2's Terran buildings are the worst-looking things in the game, especially when compared to SC's amazing Terran buildings.

- Most of the death animations are bad and make it hard to tell what's going on in battles.

- Zerglings look stupid when they move (at least before their speed upgrade).

- When Hydralisks attack, you can see them lobbing a giant slow-moving needle. I can only pray that that's a placeholder and the artists aren't really that bad...

- The Zerg don't look "zerg-y" enough. (OK THAT one you can blame on nostalgia.)

And some personal complaints: Zerg creep and also some Zerg buildings have MAGENTA specular highlights. It looks terrible, and it makes no sense at all.

Ok, I'm done ^_^

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That zerg trailer has a different voice actress altogether (not the original SC VA, nor the real SC2 VA from Battlestar).

I wonder why they put that trailer on the front page... about 80% of the artwork in there has since been revamped. Then again about 80% of the website's content is out of date...

That trailer's been out for a long time. Perhaps they hadn't yet hired the BSG actress yet?

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