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Starcraft 2

Shadow Wolf

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What a bunch of horseshit. What's keeping them from just making the matchmaking itself regional? I won't be getting the game at all as long as I can't play with my OCR buddies.

What's the demographic distribution here on OCR, from a location aspect, anyway? Makes me wonder how much of the community I can play with/against now...

It also makes me wonder how much of a grip Blizzard will have on online functionality for this game. Will they throw a fit over home-brewed or private servers?

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That is awesome. And it's amazing to think that the game is NOT EVEN RELEASED YET.

Oh and, apparently the beta is coming back up on the 1st of July. YESSSSS

sauce: http://www.teamliquid.net/forum/viewmessage.php?topic_id=132635

It may come as a shock, but that thread was shafted to the 'closed' list of threads recently, as there has been no news of the beta's 2nd phase coming in from Blizzard. Blizzard itself said that there would be no release of the 2nd phase without an official announcement in advance of that very date.

The info they came across was in regards to some event being held exclusively in South Korea, supposedly.

It's a sad day. I know.

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Personally, I'd rather them split it up than push back the release date. But then again I didn't even care about the three-games thing (aka two-expansions thing) when they announced it.

Heck, they're even releasing it with half of battle.net not yet implemented. The game's still fun, but it'll probably be a while before the online functionality or the custom map system is on par with WC3's.

But for those who care about the singleplayer campaign, it looks like the Terran campaign alone will be as long as your average REALLY FREAKING LONG modern game. I can't say what they're doing with the story, but apparently they're doing a lot of things with the GAMEPLAY in singleplayer.

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Looks like things are beginning to pick up for phase 2 of the beta, as patch 16 is (sort of) ready to be downloaded for the beta, at least for the european regions. You can check the info on it in this link:



The alleged notes for said patch can be found here:


Here's to hoping we can see it by the end of the week, and hopefully as a fully open beta.

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So apparently Blizzard has taken it upon themselves to troll their fans. One of my friends got a StarCraft II beta invite several days ago and then they closed the beta yesterday. He was checking out some forums where people were complaining that they had even received keys the morning of the last day of beta.

Nice, Blizzard... real nice.

Either way, I'll most likely be picking up a copy either from a local GameStop or from the Blizzard download thing on the 27th.

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