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OCR01580 - Sonic the Hedgehog "Still in Your Marble Zone"


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I wasn't expecting to comment on this, as I don't really comment on that many songs, but I loved it so much that I got up from my homework to come back and write just how great it is. It's not overdone, not too divergent from the original, nor is it too flashy. It feels like a great, fun version of the original song, and I don't know how long it's been since I heard something this great. It reminds me of djp's older mixes--and I mean that in the good stylistic way, not that the mix sounds old, which it certainly doesn't.

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Very nice remix.

Its jazzy style reminds me of some of the songs done by po!/Joshua Morse and Red Tailed Fox. Among all the electronica, rock and orchestral remixes, songs like this one always stand out in a very positive way; I wish there'd be more of this stuff.

The two things I really like about this one are the drums and the organ, as the latter adds a lot to the piece's atmosphere.

Nice work.

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Super suave and refined, great changes and some really nice comping. The soundscape is always changing but staying cohesive, and each section features something new, along with something familiar, and a slightly different take on the melody each time.

I could listen to this all day; awesome work, good sir.

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ahhh :-)

Sometime's it's just the simple things, ya know?

The piano intro was brilliant and building off of that was genius. Very silky slick and not complicated.

Though I could say the drums are a little forced and they overshadow the piano in the latter have, it ultimately doesn't detract from the mix. Awesome work.

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At first, I was very wary of this mix and where it was going. It starts off very note-faithful and, for my tastes, doesn't show enough interpretation soon enough. Thankfully, it does blossom into some extremely funky jazz renditions on the theme, and introduces new instruments in a steady pace. But for such a short mix, I really think this spends too much time establishing the main melody, of which most people are pretty familiar with anyway.

Save for that, things are sublime in all aspects. Production is sharp, samples are punchy, and when the arrangement guns are firing on all cylinders, things are golden. This is just what the Marble Zone theme needed.

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  • Liontamer changed the title to OCR01580 - Sonic the Hedgehog "Still in Your Marble Zone"

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