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Wait, starla posted on here? WORLDS ENDING!


Not sure that kind of drastic change is even possible. (You see what I did there?)

Really, she should start remixing again...

I was wondering about username changes - if I change my username, can I add something like "formerly Dafydd" to my "real name" field? Speaking of which, are things like "X Project Coordinator" added to the real name field or by some other means? I know I've been lazy for the past 6 months or so, but I'm a project coordinator, and there's nothing about in my userbar.

You receive the "X Project Coordinator" in your User Title (only editable by staff) if your project shows that it's likely to be completed. The only incomplete projects that have this AFAIK are the Tales project, zircon's FF7 project, TO's Doom 2 project, and my project. I know these projects will be completed, no question, which is why we get leeway. When other projects are very close to completion and demostrate that, then custom title shall forever be EMBLAZONED under your name.

In other words, get crackin'. :lol:

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Can I request a change from Nathan Rich to nrich? I opted to register with my real name to ensure that if I had a remix submitted to the site, it would be under my name and not an alias, basically for last.fm scrobbling purposes, but I saw that a few others (like Jeremy Robson) didn't have that problem. Thankssss

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I'd like a name change whenever possible, please. I thought of something short and sweet -after- I came up with amarriedmegaphone, plus it symbolizes two things that I love, Sonic the Hedgehog and the Bone comic by Jeff Smith.

So please, when you have time, make it MechaFone.

Edit:Took me a minute to realize the change. Thank you!

edit2 crap, now I need a new line of sigs...

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