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Now that it is Summer...


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Play Diablo 2, but not Diablo 1. Even if you don't play online, it's still a pretty awesome game.

You may think you're missing out by not playing the original, but really you're not. Unless, that is, you're into the kind of frustration that comes from a game whose sequel trumps it in every way and then some.

Um...I always recommend the original Doom as well, it's still pretty entertaining. God of Thunder is also one that I enjoyed back in the day.

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Try Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II or Jedi Knight 2: Jedi Outcast. They're amazing games. Another great Star Wars game is x-wing vs tie fighter if you're into flight sims.

Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy trumps Jedi Outcast in every way possible. JA actually came out second or something crazy like that. Personally, I can't stand JO.

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I went through my older games library and found a real gem. Remember the first Driver? Before they went and messed the series up with the second and third ones, this one rocked. You can do the missions, or free drive the city which is the best part by far. I have very fond memories of the San Fransisco level, just because of the awesome hills with which to launch off of.

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I'm going to need some stuff to play. I'm particularly interested in "abandonware" titles from around '95 to '02, before I started PC gaming.

In short, suggest games that I have missed because I did not game in that period of time. Thank you.

The only PC game I have played was Microsoft Monster Truck Madness 2.

It was alot of fun.... I think there are still websites where you can download new trucks and tracks to addon in to the game.

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Gabriel Knight series

Beneath a Steel Sky

Little Big Adventure

Battlebugs (maybe I just have fond memories of this one)

Day of the Tentacle

Eric the Unready

Loom (super short, but worth it)

Alpha Centauri

Master of Orion

Age of Empires

At least one Black Isle type game (Icewind Dale, Baldur's Gate, etc.)

Many of these are Adventure and RTS games.

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dosbox also works pretty well to get those classics going again. I'm thinking of trying to dig up a copy of magic carpet, though it's certainly not as good as I remember it.

If you want to get really esoteric. Download an emulator and grab some "recently" translated snes games like bahamut's lagoon or wonder project j.

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Summer doesn't start for another three weeks.

Try six months.

For the early and mid 90s I didn't have a pc of my own, but at the time, of all people, my grandma had a good-ish pc. I had a stack of demo-discs from which I played most games.

On to the recommendations...

The Incredible Machine

Lego Island

Age of Empires 1 & 2 + exps

Civilization 2

Jazz Jackrabbit series (looking for full games, especially JJ2)

Railroad Tycoon series

C&C/Red Alert series

Monkey Island series

Hunter Hunted (again, looking for the full v.)

Banzai Bug (I believe it's a port of a Sega game.. looking for the full v.)

Also, I have my Zombie Wars (Sequel to Halloween Harry, which I'm also looking for) cd.. but it won't run on Windows XP. It's not a DOS game, so I can't even DOSbox it... I've scoured the net and found no fix at all.. any help there is appreciated.

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This thread brings back a lot of memories.

Same as everyone else:

  • Age of Empires 2
  • Masters of Orion (especially 3)
  • The Incredible Machine (any in the series, except probably The Even More IM)
  • Jazz Jackrabbit 2
  • Grim Fandango

That's all that comes to mind immediately.

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