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zircon now out of hospital, ate good food and ate signatures


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Well, zircon's in the hospital right now thanks to appendicitis, causing him to miss the big Video Games Live meetup.

So in an effort to cheer him up, we're planning to make him a big get well card with signatures from as much people as possible.

How can you help? Submit your signature in handy PNG, BMP or GIF format with a white or transparent background to zirconcard@gmail.com and get other community members to send in theirs too. Your signature can be pretty much whatever you want it to be, and you can also include a little personal message. The end result will be compiled into one big card.

Discuss the situation here, or in the room #andycard on irc.enterthegame.com

EDIT: Also, noon EST is the deadline if you want in on this.

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Many of us from #ocremix have signed, but it's up to you, the many members of our fine Community, to come together, and collectively wish him a speedy recovery!

So please, join us!

Currently featured on the Card Thus Far


Gecko Yamori








Radical Dreamer









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jmr: Yes, it's the same card. All the sigs so far will be on there! We're just trying to get more people, faster. ^_~
Thanks for clarifying. This method seems much more structured and organized than what was going on before.

C'mon everyone, show your support for Andy.

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Damnit. I just got mine done (wanted to write it when I'd actually be awake and coherent). Oh well.


Well now...

In an amazing turn of events, I will be able to add this one in because my friends car who I was gonna be riding over to Philly with is gone along with them for some odd reason... OH I KNOW WHY!

Cause they are fucking unreliable idiots...

Anyway, I am adding this along with whoever can get their's in right now...

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