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SPOILERS: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

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I didn't see another thread about it so...

It comes out soon. 784 pages of goodness. Anybody else exited? Going to go to a midnight launch? Do you think it will be the best one yet? I personally cannot wait for it.

Anyways, discuss the upcoming book here.

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Supposedly there were leaks onto the internet, but last I heard they were proven fake.

From what I'm reading, I highly doubt they're fake - not to mention the owner of YTMND has gotten a C&D letter, basically validating the spoilers and the leaked copies.

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Two years ago I had the Half Blood Prince spoiled for me by Unmod. Someone had it in his or her signature.

Of course, it's probably my fault for clicking on a link that said "DON'T CLICK ON THIS IF YOU DON'T WANT TO SEE A HARRY POTTER SPOILER".

That being said, I'm definitely not visiting YTMND until after the 21st, and for that matter, I bet I should stay away from this thread, too. (But can I resist?)

EDIT: OK I LIED. I visited YTMND right after making that post. But I didn't let it load all the way I swear.

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784 pages? Wow...

Yeah, I immediately pre-ordered the book after watching the latest movie. Yeah, I'm going to be attending the midnight launch party too. It's going to be exciting.

I'm looking forward to the direction of the final book and how everything wraps-up. With the way things ended in book 6, I'm assuming that the 7th book can take a very atypical direction which does not involve the whole "studying at Hogwarts" core setting we're used to. I'm predicting a more adventure-type setting similar to Tolkien or Terry Brooks' works.

The wrapping up part is going to be really interesting, though. Rowling is going to kill of a couple of people, we just don't know who exactly and how. I just hope it isn't the typical "I will sacrifice myself for the greater good/for the people I love" type of killings, you know.

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Dumbledore Dies

edit: wa-hey, on a more serious note, I've got mine pre-ordered too. Can't wait to get it, blast through the entire thing in 3 days and then make a half-hearted attempt to read it again only to lose interest 4 chapters in and never try again, just like with the other books.

Doesn't mean I won't enjoy it though.

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There are some versions circulating around the internet. I don't read 'em, as I haven't read any book since the third one.

Just to be clear, the .pdf going around the internet is not the real book. It's a full length fanfic pulling a publicity stunt. The one that's a bunch of .jpg scans is the real book.

So there are already real and fake spoilers floating all over the internet. I'm just glad I don't care about them.

Best of luck staying unspoiled, fans. Anyone who posts that kind of crap, real or fake, is a supreme asshole.

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Well, isn't that a nice thing to say about me...

Oh well, I assume that blatantly fake spoilers are exempt from your rather one-sided rule.

That wasn't aimed at you. I don't even have to read the series to know that's fake.

What really bugs me are real spoilers and the fakes that agree enough with the context that they could be mistaken for real ones (ie cause the same effect of having someone feel that their experience is spoiled).

Your nonsense was just nonsense.

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(ie cause the same effect of having someone feel that their experience is spoiled)

Quite the shitty experience to have. Unless it's a fake, then they have a little bit of solace when they read the actual thing...if they can get over their dismay to do so. I've been careful about avoiding spoilers, but I must say I'm quite tempted.

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Overhyped book series that reads like a bad fanfic. Made a point of looking up spoilers for it a while back, and it ends like a bad fanfic too.

"Nineteen years later..."

I'll get around to it eventually. Some of my extended family members are the ones getting it within days after it comes out, so after a month or so it will end up in my family where I can read it at my leisure.

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