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The Newbie Introduction Thread: Come on in and say hello!

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Hello! I just joined today but I've been indulging in OCR for a good 6 years or so. I make music for NEC PC-98 machines as a hobby and I also do it professionally for videogames.

Hello OCR Community, I'm a long time visitor to the site. The music your members have remixed over the years has gotten me through some tough times. I was raised on gaming music, and have a sizea

Hello, I'm the Nikanoru, retro gamer extraordinaire. I've been creeping the OC Remix website for a couple of years now, and after I downloaded my 12th remix album, I thought that I had run out of excu

Hello, I'm pretty new here as I've only posted two posts before this...

So, this is just to say hi, and get the word out...that I have arrived...just kidding.

Nice to meet all of you and hopefully I can start getting ready to make some remixes soon.

Wow. There are a lot more people here than on the VGL Forums. Crazy...


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Before you post, have a look around and familiarize yourself with the different forums and sections.

Welcome to OCR.

Yeah, there are so many, for me it's just insane...

As for VGL, it's more like a small gathering of a few people, but, thanks. I've listened some of your music, it's pretty good. Hopefully I can get some inspiration from listening to some of the other artists around here.

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Hello there. I'm new to these forums, but not exactly new to this site. A quick little backstory-ish:

I first stumbled across OCR while looking for some Shinobi III music and downloaded the only remix from that particular soundtrack by one Mr. Rayza. Since then, I've been dropping by the site pretty frequently, indulging in the many musical offerings here. That's right ladies and gents, I'm a lurker from ALL the way back in 2003.

I'm not sure if being a stalker on OCR for nearly six years deserves a medal or a straitjacket, but regardless, I think its high-time I ditched my voyeuristic ways and tried to take a more hands-on approach with a community whose music has impacted me in a positive manner. Hell, I even bought an OCR Jersey a couple years back.

So that's my wee little testimony. I could write up something a little more extensive later, but I think its better if I put my money where my mouth is.:-P Can someone tell me if I've missed the cut-off date for donating to that fund-raiser? I feel like I should give a little something after all the bandwidth I've sucked up for the past few years.

Edit: Donation's all taken care of. Hope it helps.


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Hi everyone. My name's James but everyone calls me Jdawg, hence the username.

I love this site! VotL is awesome, and SF II soundtrack kicks ass!

One last thing before I go lurk the rest of the forums:

I was told about this site by a guy named Jared. I think his username on here is "sefirosu" or something like that. Anyway, I just want to give him a shout out for recommending this awesome site!


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heya. obviously, I'm new, or I wouldn't be posting here.

I love OC ReMixes, I can't get enough of them and am finding new ones constantly. I've always contemplated doing my own, but I have no sense of music composition whatsoever...I just appreciate it. oh well, but that's what the request forum is for, eh?

dunno how long I'll stick around, since as I said I don't actively make music, but hey, who knows, I could end up really liking the community.

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Hey, everyone. My name's Jonathan. My friend Makai showed me this site when I asked if he knew any good music centered communities (specifically FL Studio). I gave a listen to some of the remixes and songs around here, and they sound incredible. I'm hoping to learn some new things while I'm here, make some friends, and hopefully critique some tunes and get my own music critiqued by you guys. Hope to see you around.

By the way, I'm a no-name acoustic artist, doubt you've ever heard of me, The Runaway Rescue. If you're interested in hearing my music, just let me know, or just look towards my future posts. :P

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Hey OCRemix,

Noob Rig1015 here. Looking to make an impact on the site. My sisters friend Kyle recommended I look up this site after posting my FFIV Prelude Remix on YouTube. Wish we had something like this about 7 years ago, love the concept of the site. I've been rearranging VG music since 1996 and am looking to share/contribute to the site as much as possible.

If any other Noobs or members are interested you can see my original works here at soundclick and my various remixes here at YouTube.



AmR ][

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Hi at all, I came here to submit my music and to gain experience.

I mainly use Finale and FL Studio 8 to produce my music, and I'm still learning :P

So... I hope that I can learn a lot on this site and look forward to hearing those awesome tunes :D


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Hey, my name is Andrew. I came here from the TF2 server that you guys were hosting and its been a blast playing with you guys so far. I have no experience in remixing music but I definitely have had some simple experiene with FL. I highly enjoy vgm so hopefully when the time comes I will be able to remix some samples for you guys :)

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Hey. Name's Koru as far as everyone is concerned. Played oboe and flute for a while, but as far as composing and remixing goes, I have no clue. I'm trying to learn but I honestly think my role here will probably be feedback more than anything.

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Greetings newcomers. Welcome to OCR. Due to the recent outbreak of various illnesses, and to keep in good standings with the health department, we've begun screening all new OCRians. If you'll kindly form a line right over there by that door, our resident doctor will check for any viruses, prostate problems, hernias, lumps in your testicles and/or breasts, yeast infections, runny ears, watery noses, happy feet, idle hands, wandering eyes, drifting minds, and other assorted health and/or mental issues.

Enjoy your stay!

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Hello everybody,

I'm a newly registered member, La Yinn. I've been browsing this site for quite some time now and after lurking the forums a bit I decided to join this splendid community. I'd like to properly introduce myself first. :-) (Close the topic if it's against the rules, though I did read the forum rules and it didn't say anything about these kind of topics)

So yeah. My real name is Alex, often referred to as La Yinn. I'm 16 years old and I've started producing around last year September, though I only really started getting into it around January this year. I use FL Studio (and as for everybody around my age, I do what I can with free VSTs and effects. Low budget. :( ), but I'm trying to get into ReNoise aswell.

I stumbled upon this site a few months back via the Newgrounds profile of Zirconmusic. (Well, that's his/her NG account name.) I'm a Newgrounds member myself, though I rarely post any audio there anymore due to the general unhelpfulness of the reviews. I'm giving OCRemix a shot because I believe this community has a lot to offer. I've listened to a few tracks on this site and they all sound, well, professional. I'm hoping to find a fun and helpful community here, to improve myself as a producer aswell as having a good time.

That's a bit about me. *waves*

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Hi, ladies and gentlemen.

I finally joined the forums after checking out the music here for so long. I have to say, I'm an inspired fan. This site combines my two loves!

Anyway, I'm studying to be a game designer at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh: Online. Since the college is online, I have a lot more time to do what I enjoy doing and less time on the road which is what I was doing before I transferred. The long drives were relaxing and pleasant, however, but that's another story.

I was in band in high school. I fell in love with the french horn. Unfortunately, I do not own one myself (money's a bit tight), but I do take one from my old high school whenever I need it. I'm lucky to still have that bit of talent in me. The horn took me places. It's an odd instrument, but I'm a pretty odd guy. I was the only kid in high school completely obsessed with video games, after all.

What else is there to say? Well, I have a few ideas in the back of my mind for some jazz mixes of a couple of songs, but I believe they'll stay there for awhile. I'll just hum them to myself until I rummage up some mixing talent to compliment my compositions.

Until then, I'll just listen in awe of what's already here!


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Well, I came in...I have been a fan of this site for at least 5 years now. I finally decided to register and maybe I might rock some seemingly unrockable melodies (that's not mine)...I'll probably end up creating electronic mixes instead D:> Anyway, I'm a metalhead and a Sonic fan, currently working on a Fan Game "The Great Four" Other than that I'm not too busy (except working), being out of school for nearly a year now X•

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Hello all. I've been a fan of OCRemixes for years, and signed up on the forum quite a while ago (just noticed it was Apr 2007 lol) I have a song I remixed that I may post here soon. I did the best arrangement I could with my current tool set and my knowledge to use them, and hope that I can maybe get some positive feedback on it.

Though I've been creating original music for years (over 10) and some random arrangements of songs, I believe I may lack the equipment and knowledge to make a remix worthy of OCRemix, and financially it's just something that I can't do, and even if I could I'm not sure I would pay the loads of money just to support a hobby.

I look forward to interacting with you all and listening to your music as well.

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