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Ladies + gents, put your hands together for the new judges...


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Fun fact: Over 50% of the site staff now resides in the northeast United States, primarily in the N.E. corridor.

Yeah, if America wasn't such a scary place, I'd totally love to be over there meeting some of you guys. Oh well. I guess I'll just stay here all by my little ol' lonesome self. *tear*


Another Soundscape! Is that sig new? It's freaking BEAUTIFUL!

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Another fun fact: We are now only a little over two months behind in the queue. It's getting shorter every day. I'm definitely going to be putting in overtime to help get us towards real time. That would be a cool Christmas present for the OCR community.

If you guys manage this, I think I'm going to cry :)

EDIT: Also, good luck keeping up with actually posting the stuff, djp ;)

A Christmas flood perhaps?

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