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Alright, I'm not the best Photoshop user on the planet, but here's my idea. It's really basic, I know. But I figured if someone wanted to do it better, I'd give a relatively clean slate. I may add more humor as whimsy strikes.


I love the collage nature of the NWG's face. :razz:

Edit: In general, where's the OCR-tan love?

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Perhaps they changed it from four to three in an effort to speed up the judging process. Also, they may have noticed that everything that would get 3 NOs would get 4 anyway.

I'd like to bring up my Guilty Gear remix because I remember getting a private message from LionTamer when it passed and I think he said that the vote was 4 NOs and 5 YESs. I was all confused after that. But then people started saying things like "conditional vote" and changing their votes. . . It's crazy yo. Hahaha.

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