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Underrated Game Soundtracks...


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Pokémon, of course. Lots of tunes, and a lot of them are pretty memorable and catchy.

Gee, maybe someone should do a remix project on it.

Also, Descent. The second game had better everything, including music. It wasn't just the transition from MIDI to CD-audio. It was different styles and most levels were set to play the music track that best fit. Even the extra versions that came out with the Vertigo pack thingy were pretty decent.

Descent 3... not so much. I just usually killed the game music and left Winamp running in the background or something.

On a related note, there was news of Interplay buying someone out or something, and mention of reviving older franchises was made, including Descent. With modern computers, and a return to the basics like in 1 and 2, I think it would work great. And it would give me an excuse to pick up one of those Saitek x-51 sets.

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I haven't read through the thread and I'll bet someone has already mentioned it, but Suikoden II had a killer soundtrack and was a great game all around. The first one had a good soundtrack too.

Did you ever play The Journeyman Project? The second one was such an awesome game and it had a cool title theme, but I can't remember any other music in the entire thing. There probably was some, but it's been too long.

Hell yes I did play that, and if memory serves, it did have a pretty kick ass soundtrack. In addition!

-Quest for Glory 1

-Crusader No Remorse

-Tie Fighter

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Agreed. I forgot how awesome the music for TS2 was. Shadow Hearts is also an awesome underrated RPG with great music. Threads of Fate is another one of my favorite niche Square games.


Love the TS2 soundtrack. Especially Siberia's and Notre Dame. Those ones always really stuck with me. I Agree, ToF is one of my top favorites for Square games as well.

Shadow Hearts is such an amazing series. It makes me sad that it's not as well known, but at the same time it's nice to have a sane fanbase with it.

Shadow Hearts: Covenant is fantastic. Though Yasunori Mitsuda's work for it is well.. not that good. Yoshitaka Hirota outdid himself! The Fate DAMNIT! I'm actually remixing Shadow Hearts: Covenant atm ;)

Really?! This made me squee. XD Ever since I started visting OCR (for a long time now, I just really started posting recently) And I've really hoped to see some sort of SH related mix on it. I did find one at VG Mix but..

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Let me think up a few for the Genesis...

TMNT: The Hyperstone Heist- I'm probably alone on this, but I find the Genesis music better sounding than the SNES music used in "Turtles In Time". Same tunes, but I think the Genesis lent a better sound to them.

Whip Rush- A little shmup that came and went, but it's got quite a few catchy tunes in it.

Midnight Resistance- There are surprisingly few tunes in this game considering how many levels there are, but the music is pretty good... especially the song used on stage 1.

Alisia Dragoon- The only cart GameArts ever made, and it has wonderful music in it.

Batman- Some very nice music in this one, and a great ending song.

Herzog Zwei- The game that basically started the RTS genre, and it has quite a few memorable tunes.

Master of Monsters- A game few people ever played, but it has a wonderful soundtrack.

Sword of Vermillion- This RPG got lost in the space between Phantasy Stars II and III, thanks to its not being as good as it could have been (WAY too many random battles), but it has a great soundtrack nonetheless.

Super Fantasy Zone- Never came to The States, but thankfully there are ways to still hear it's upbeat and catchy tunes.

Alien 3- Probe made this film adaptation, and much to my surprise, they did a good job in writing music for it.

Devilish- An infuriatingly cheap Breakout clone, but it's got some nice tunes.

Gauntlet IV- A highly accurate port of the arcade game Gauntlet, but with an added adventure mode, and some new good music.

Of course, let's not forget games like Thunder Force IV, Streets of Rage, Revenge of Shinobi, Thunder Force III, Castlevania: Bloodlines and the like. They're not really underrated though, since plenty of people have heard their music and liked it.

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