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OCR01665 - Wizards & Warriors "Wizards in My Armor (Warrior in My Long Johns)"


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So I'm listening to the intro, and I'm like "hey this sounds kind of weird"...then the lyrics come in and everything gets kicked into high gear. Excellent singing, man. You have this punk/pop-rock type of vocals, and it surprisingly suits the song well. I wasn't bothered by the game-oriented lyrics, yet I wasn't too excited about them either. They seem to be written with care, but they obviously didn't connect with me too well since I'm not familiar with the game and its music. It gets kind of funny towards the end though ("oh that massage sure sounds nice" -- classic!). The chiptune and various synth sounds mash very well, too. Love the soloing parts mid-track.

I'll be keeping my eye on you. More remixes with singing, please!

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Wow!! I seem to be repeating myself lately but this is one of the best vocal track ever on OC Remix!!!! :)

It doesn't hurt that it's one of the best "rock" remix musically too ;)

You do have a great pop-rock voice and you should never hesitate to sing in any of your future mix!!

This song (the theme in general) has always been a personal favorite even thought I never even played the game!!

I don't know why I like it so much but I think it comes from the way it sound both sad AND happy at the same time to me...! I find it extremely sad in a way (almost inducing tears sometimes :P) but since it's still in a fast beat it kinda energize me too... I think this kind of contrast is what makes it awesome! Emotions + music = true art!

And since your voice only adds to the emotions than I must conclude that you have made a unique and beautiful piece of art ;)

Thank you again, for you have given me a beautiful gift to begin a new year with!! :)

By the way, remixes like this one kind of makes me wish there was a "Donate" button on OCRemix so that I could give a dollar to every remix I love... after all I do it on iTunes for songs that are sometimes not even as good as most of the remixes here!! I just think that a lot of those remixers don't realize how much of a gift they give us all when submitting a great remix. Thousands of lucky listeners will get to listen to these tracks for years to come thanks to their hard work and I often have an urge to at least give them a little something in compensation for their time... and as long as it's a optional donation it won't hurt the site etc...

What do you guys think of this?

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Instant classic. Quirky vocals, creative arrangement, great sequencing and insane solos including the best (and only) recorder solo I've heard. Trenthian is makin' magic here. My favorite part is 4:24-4:51, no contest. That's just great writing.

The only downsides is the intro guitar (too much chorus man) and fairly boring, awkwardly mixed drums.

also, correct me if I'm wrong, autotune on the voice (4:57 is just too magical to be real)? Doesn't matter, sounds good.

I wuv Trenthian :3

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That was awesome!!! I demand the lyrics so I can plug them into my song info on iTunes and my iPod!

John was kind enough to lend me his internet.

Ask and you shall recieve! Lyrics preface rant.

Forged in a Foundry' date=' the Brightest blade,

The Princess has vanished without a trace,

My sword shall guide him to his goal,

(the darkest minions come to avenge their fallen)

Armour of Iron,

It's made to last

Helmet of Mythril,

Its Shine is cast,

No turning back now,

too late to run

Carry your sword like the warrior of legend

the odds are against you, They're Closing in

Superior knowledge will help you win.

without the key you're stuck here

The maiden's life depends on you.

The future is never certain

The pathway is rarely narrow,

Only the mission matters now,

Just pray the purest heart can win the day

Though the evil wizard's spell is cast

the warrior shows his mettle,

Daughter of the king

fairest maiden in all the realm.

Evil shall not triumph over good

he's Coming to slay this foulness

Yay He took his vows

Knight championed to serve, his King.

The future is never certain,

the roadway is rarely stable,

a true hero walks the hardest route

to fight for truth against the bravest odds

The future is never guaranteed,

The highway is wrought with dangerous ends

Carry your sword and raise your shield,

the hardest fight of all lies straight ahead.

(Electric recorder Solo [improvised by trenthian']

guitar solo - [improvised by brothersynthe] )

Waging epic battle, with the wizard and his evil magic, (the hero's wavering)

all his strongest devils gather with him seeking your destruction. (foulest incantations)

Perseverence guides you to the end the evil cant withstand

the force behind your mighty blows the master knows his time is coming.

Now's the time to be most cautious. Pull no punches. Give no mercy,

swing your sword to end this fight the princess cannot last much longer.

The battle for evil has ended, the warrior's body WEARY, princess in arm he stumbles home, the mission's goal so close he carries on,

The outcome is never guaranteed, a hero's welcome awaits you now, maybe a shower and massage, a happy ending if ever I heard one,

Oh! that massage sure sounds nice.

Armour of Iron

It's made to last,

helmet of mythril

its shine is cast,

No turning back now, too late to run,

carry your head higher

you're the warrior of legend.

All of the maidens, they want you now,

but most of all longs the princess fair (most of them all)

A fine King you'll make, some day I'm sure

At least till the sequel, where you'll have to do the same damn thing again!

Oh and Im not an extention of John's guitar emulating mouse-clickery.

I am Trenthian's little brother, Wolfe. I played the guitar heard on this track when I was 16 I think?

We recorded the guitar part in what feels like 2002 on John's custom Johnson Strat that he hasn't the first idea how to play.

I begged John to let me re-record it for the 2006 update, but he insisted on maintaining a sort of mystical attachment to the raw uncut and unedited improvisation I did originally those few years ago.

He also claims I am a synthesizer, but, well thats what big brothers are for.

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I've been checking the homepages for MONTHS waiting for this song to be posted. It was an instant favorite for me when I first heard it on OLR, and now having heard a few different versions and its change from OLR quality to OCR quality, I feel as though it has matured and grown nicely.

My favorite parts are as follows. The spot in the beginning right where it picks up, "the warrior's body WEARRYYYY", and the massage.

I hope to see much more in this genre, and even moreso some more OLR/OCR crossovers. Da Black Market and Warrior in my Longjons, next: Jesue Belmont?

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You know, it hasn't been until very recently that I've been appreciating vocal ReMixes - I used to be of an obstinate position that vocals did not belong in video game music, remixed or otherwise. However, over the last few months I've been coming closer to the realization that well, they're not all that bad. Especially this one, which is amazing. The lyrics are nice, you have a great voice, and that's a kick butt recorder solo. The only thing is that it becomes slightly repetitive after a while, but I can get past that. I definitely love it, keep up the good work!

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Great to finally see this posted, Trenthian sent me a link to this a long time ago so I've had it for a while already. Anyways, love the lyrics, especially the last line about doing the same thing again in the sequel. The guitar solo and recorder solo are awesome as well.

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I think this remix is SEXY.

Maybe I'm a bit biased though. Another Fun Fact: This song was John's chosen weapon of mass seduction in his attempt to woo me, and of course, it worked. Aside from the great catchy tune and brilliant lyrics, is that saucy voice! Upon hearing it even straight guys get aroused. I wouldn't say that his singing has a pop-rock sound at all though.. it's really its own kind of Sexy.

Brothersynthe is indeed real and not just a figment of his imagination. John's little virtuoso brother exists and is almost a miniature musical genius like his big brother, which is why you might have mistaken him for being a cleverly crafted persona.

This is definitely a treat for the ultra-geek, but enjoyable for anyone. John loves what he does and has a lot of fun with it, and this passion truly comes through in the final results.

Believe me, this is going to be on continuous repeat on your playlist for WEEKS.

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It's very rare I post something on ocremix, since my text skills are about the same level as the high of a sandwich in my stomach with some ketchup and a rotten... eh... Let's forget that! The point is that I really enjoy this remix! Though the vocals are a bit hard to hear at times.

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The minute your voice kicked in I couldn't help but think of the Devil May Cry 3 theme. Your voice sounds so much like the younger singer in that song it's almost unbelievable. I suggest you give "Devils Never Cry" a listen so you can say whether I'm crazy or not.

This is an excellent mix. The lyrics are perfect for the source material and your voice is awesome. I just wish my friends could appreciate the song without laughing at the mythical lyrics, but it's their loss, not mine.

Keep it up!

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This is hands down the best vocal remix out there. I bet the guys over at OverLooked ReMiX are pretty proud of being the first site to post this song. :P

It's got everything a vocal mix should have (although in my opinion the backrub thing at the end kinda ruins the epic mood of the song).

I sooo wish that I was the one who had created this remix.

That's it, I quit! :)

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