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Resident Evil: Degeneration (Advent Children style RE movie)


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For those who can't view it, it appears to be a CGI Resident Evil movie, featuring Claire Redfield and Leon Kennedy (with his RE4 look), which takes place 7 years after the outbreak in Raccoon City.

Claire is on an airport where all hell seems to have broken loose. Leon seems to be running and fighting somewhere dark.

The movie seems to be produced by Sony and Capcom. I checked IMDB, nothing to be found there. A look on google gave me nothing else but links to this trailer.

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It's basically guaranteed to be better than the crap excuse for a movie Advent Children (so shitty, and I'm a FF7 fan to heart). Resident Evil has zombies, good characters, zombies, good back story, zombies, gore, and......zombies. I've played about every major release RE game except Code: Veronica (btw..Umbrella Chronicles is awesome).

Still, Resident Evil 4 for the win. Leon kicks ass, so this movie will too. :nicework:

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I got pretty excited to see there will be a CG movie made oversees.

It looks really good so far and this is only just a really early look at the movie as well.

The trailer is included in the special features of Resident Evil Extinction.

I know this is off topic, but are they making a live action DBZ movie? I heard rumors.

Ya, so have we all.

Its a very old rumor and lets hope its not real X_X

There are also old rumors of there being a live action Cowboy Bebop movie as well...

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I think the RE movie could be really good. I also thought Advent Children was very well made (perhaps the voice acting sucked and the story could have been better, but the CGI was very good IMO). You can't really screw up a RE movie as long as it's got enough zombies and hot chicks kicking zombie ass. I think the first two (haven't seen the 3rd yet) were just fine.

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