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    • Sup guys! What do you get when you mix Super Mario with Drum n Bass? Something to rock the clubs with! This track takes the Underground Theme from Super Mario Bros. and turns it into a club banger with added Ragga vocals, a hot bass-line, and a catchy rhythm. I'm also curious whether is this is close enough to a game remix for review? Anyways enjoy!    
    • When I worked in a game store, I had a colleague who said the same thing about games being like work and I agree. To use Total War as an example again, I tried getting into Rome II as well, but they got rid of the "short campaign" AND added in each turn being 1 of 4 seasons instead of only 2, multiple victory conditions AND each victory condition has multiple requirements within itself. You can't just conquer 15 cities and destroy two factions and call it a day anymore; it must be at least 4-6x as long as the full campaign in Rome 1. I just googled, and most people report putting in between 50 and 100 hours into one campaign... Too much work indeed. No way I'm spending that kind of time in front of a screen and not getting paid for it. I have about 40 steam games, most purchased for dirt cheap on sale and I've probably played about half that. You think "what a deal!" at the time, but if you're not playing them, it's money wasted. Sounds like a good solution. That's the thing about "open-world" games: they're probably the worst for being a time sink. I've heard people complain that games like Prince of Persia, Tomb Raider, Uncharted, etc. are "too short", but I find them just right. I've played through 2008 PoP twice on PC and it totaled 13 hours; same deal with TR and Uncharted. That's also been my counter when people rip on people on ripping on games for being a "waste of time" because "everyone who says games are a waste of time will spend hours watching Netflix or something".  For comparison, most serialized TV dramas like GoT, Rome, Battlestar Galactica, Spartacus, etc. are 40 minutes. So 120 minutes is 3 episodes and a quarter of a season. Many, even most, video games 120 minutes might see you past the tutorial levels, and I don't care what anyone says — video game plots still suck and aren't anywhere near as good or intellectually stimulating as even some of the most mindless movies and TV.  Plus, watching Game of Thrones winds up being a bit more of a social activity in the sense that so many other people you know will watch it too, it gives you some common ground to talk about with a lot of work colleagues, etc.
    • Same here, glad that my suggestions came to fruition
    • Finally got a chance to listen, and I must say, you really took the advice on board! I like it alot and if you release this on bandcamp or somewhere else I can purchase it I will be happy to buy. I think I still prefer the version I first heard but that's due to me being here more for the theme than the Psytrance element. What you've done here s really cool and the sounds you used work perfectly! Don't take my preference for the older version as me saying this version is worse, this final version is clearly better but it's just me being funny ;D   Keep it up!
    • Yep, space, fuzzy, and funky are all great ways to describe this early, crunchy pretzel-piece.
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