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    • Hello everyonei, I made this track as part of a #NowScoreThis contest by Junkie XL

      would love some feedback  
    • Just giving a heads up, for something to be ripe for a mod review the track should be considered finished, with all the trimmings completed. If you're missing backing vocals then this is a WIP, not a finished mod review track. Just a heads up and a slap on the wrist on that front. That being said, I think this sounds great so far. You've got some nice vocal chops, and your performances are tight as hell. Paired up with some good production values that makes this quite a solid listen, overall. The sources that I'm familiar with in this are well integrated. I'm not at all familiar with Mario Odyssey's OST, so perhaps a link to the primary source would help me compare what you've arranged, but from all that I recognize I think this would be a great track to submit once it's finished.
    • You've got some lovely commentary on here, but I'll add my two cents and cap this off with an official mod review. EVAL You've gotten quite a bit of energy put into this track - the instrumentation sounds far better than the source while losing nothing in the original source's energy and intent. Of course, when handling the track in a way that's similar to the source you run the risk of being TOO close to the source for OCR's purposes, which unfortunately would be the case here. The notes, the style, the instrumentation, etc., is all very close to the source material, to the point of sounding like a sound upgrade rather than a re-arrangement of the material. Nothing wrong with that, of course, but it wouldn't be something OCR could post. On a related note, the arrangement does a direct loop with no difference between the loops (other than the automated highpass location). It's a bit of a side effect of following a source too closely, but it's still an issue in it's own right worth addressing: if the repeat is nothing more than filler for length then it's not worth having in a stand alone track. In this case it's a method of achieving an almost three minute runtime rather than a meaningful expansion of the track. Give the listener something new to grab hold of if you use such repetition in the future - some new textures, variation in the theme, a variation in the drums, etc.. As far as the production values go, this isn't bad - the overall loudness of the track is about where it should be, and save for the moments where the highpass overtakes the track there's little notable overcompression or limiting artifacts. Those automated highpasses, though, really cause production problems (clipping/limiting artifacts), and they make little musical sense to boot. Techniques like automating the highpass should be used with some purpose in mind, not simply in the middle of an otherwise straightforward arrangement just for the sake of having an automated highpass. It really tars an otherwise enjoyable track. It's not bad, but it would be stopped right at the gate due to how conservative the arrangement it. Furthermore, the strange use of automated highpass would cause it some problems, as well. While not a bad arrangement, it's not something OCR would be looking for.
    • Ozone 8 Elements for only $29
    • My second song on the idiopan. I wanted to incorporate more percussive sounds, like you hear from handpan players.
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