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    • Hey, I’m a huge fan of the Ace Attorney soundtracks & this has always been one of the highlights for me, so wanted to give you some feedback. I'm no master of arrangement/composition so feel free to listen to/ignore whatever you like! Positives: Generally I think the balance of instruments is good, with enough rhythmic variation to sound interesting. I admire your commitment to a specific style and sticking with it throughout. A good piece for setting and maintaining a very narrow mood. Working points: The piano feels thin to me; possibly this is the lack of variety in velocity? It sort of hammers out in the left channel, and because it’s not really using chords, there’s something about it that jars with the subtle approach to the rest of the track. This riff blends better when played on the bass later on. Your saxophone sounds seem the strongest to me, why not put them more at the forefront? You’ve got a good ear for improvised lines, heard in the latter half on the electric pianos - a stronger melodic line on the sax might work nicely. I agree with Gario on the strings; the attack keeps them firmly in the background & a little formless. Considering you’ve got some staccato sequences there, I’d layer over some marcato sounds/double with flute or something if you can’t make the attack dance to your tune (as sometimes happens!) Also think it’s a little long, especially as the later sections aren’t aiming to change up the rhythm/tone. Are you picturing this as a background loop for a noir-style detective game or something? If it’s meant to be a standalone track, my feeling is a change or variance in ‘emotion’ is needed - rather like the difference between the two sections in the original. And that leads on to my final thing, but I think you’ll agree to disagree on this one as it's totally subjective! Ultimately I feel like this doesn’t capture the soul of the original. It had an urgency and emotional element to the arrangement, pace, harmonies etc. that you’ve stripped out. All that’s left feeling present is the original bass riff, but there are rhythmic modifications that change its impact. You’ve also got the melodic lines in there, but arranged to be on the periphery, so don’t feel as present or necessary. From this perspective it doesn’t really feel like a remix (to me); more like an original composition that uses some of the melodies/lines from the AA track. But yeah like I said - you’ll probably agree to disagree with me on this! Music’s always subjective in the end. Interesting project man, good luck with it!
    • Here's a new mix (it's in .flac btw):
      It's mostly the same, but the sfx are a little quiter, and some instruments are louder. I'd say it sounds fine (it'll probably be the version I put on YouTube/Soundcloud), but I figured I ought to post it here first before resubmitting. I would've had this done sooner, but I discovered several of the source recordings were corrupted beyond repair, and I wasn't looking forward to redoing them. But then a few weeks ago I realized I could splice the old mixdown into the new mix pretty easily since it was mostly vocals that I lost, and those parts had much less sfx underneath. So yeah.
    • This is a cool, light-footed take on the fantastic original, and it fits very well, yet is surprising. I like the combination of chip-style instruments, particularly the drums with the rest of the instrumentation, it's very effective and fun. Some dissonance that didn't work at 2:05, the final guitar note feels very unresolved and sorely sticks out. The pacing is a little steady for the length perhaps, but I enjoy the duration, and I liked the ending to wrap things up.
    • This is powerful and effective, there's nothing here that doesn't need to be here. I could spot a few places where I could tell it was sequenced guitar (after reading about the fact in the write-up), but only a few, and to me it all sounds good anyway. The solo around 1:30 is super sweet.
    • Now here's a song that needs a good remix. I'd really love to hear a grand orchestral arrangement it with a bit of metal edge. You could just go full metal, or anything else, really. I don't mind much. There are lots of  possibilities with this track in terms of style, so if you wanna remix it, go wild. Here's the source:  
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