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  1. Seiken Densetsu 3 - 2020 here we come!

    I enjoy popping in on this thread from time to time to see how it's progressing. I was a young lad....probably about 15 when I asked Usa to do a track on this album. Knew nothing about remixing at the time. I'm 26 now and this project is the last stronghold of my childhood on OcRemix
  2. Thanks for the kind words Wolflord! We hope to provide some more music in the not to distant future! Glad to see this album still getting some love!
  3. Hey Chernabogue! Eval Very chill and relaxing mix, and you've definitely done a lot with the source material which is great. In terms of mix it's pretty transparent which is nice. I would say that the guitar is VERY forward in the mix compared with everything else. We get a ton of reverb on the drums/percussion and even the keys are back a bit. The guitar sounds like its out of place so putting some more reverb/automation on this would go a long away in solidifying the mix. This is especially noticeable when the organ takes the lead at 1:12. It also (on my setup) seems a bit lacking in bass so I would do some EQing there to have the bass sit lower in the mix and provide some more energy on the low end. A plug in like Waves RBass would go a long way in this mix. Compositionally this is nice, yet a bit directionless at times. I get what you're going for as this is a pretty chill mix, but there are a few vamp sections without melody such as 2:04 and 3:06 which sound a bit empty. It's hard to distinguish whether the guitar or organ is the interest point here as they are both kind of providing rhythmic ideas. I don't think these sections are bad, but they definitely just seemed a bit empty to me and I would maybe throw some other things in there to keep the momentum building. This isn't the type of song that seems to build in volume to intensify, but you can definitely keep the instrument layers building to keep intensity all the way to the end. This isn't far off, but those are some things which might go against it on the panel so I would have a look at those before you submit!
  4. This may have been posted already but... This channel is great.
  5. Still the greatest piece of Vgm ever written imho. Nice cover!
  6. You know...the OC Jazz collective could always use more arrangers
  7. Eval I'm liking the attempt of merging Saint-Saens with Kingdom hearts. You've picked some great sources to work with here. Overall you have two major issues with this arrangement. To begin with, I would put this in more of a "transcription" category. You've effectively taken orchestral pieces and transcribed them for smaller chamber groups containing mostly strings/piano. You've done this fairly well, but that definitely does not give it the title of "remix" or "arrangement". Furthermore, all three pieces that you have used do not really weave into each other. You've essentially got three separate pieces placed back to back with little or no transition. I think before we can get into the nitty gritty of arrangement/production you need to spend some time finding ways to take the material and play with it. You can go about this a couple of ways. If you want to keep the medley form that you have going, you'll still need to find away to alter the material and arrange it to give it your own personality. The other option (and this would be my preference) would be to take all three sources and weave them into a single arrangement which uses the harmonic/melodic motifs of each to create something new. I would start here to really start hashing out some ideas. Keep going this direction though because I think that you're on to something with your source selection.
  8. [This is an automatically generated message] I've reviewed your remix and have returned it to Work-in-Progress status, indicating that I think there are some things you still need to work on. After you work on your track and feel that you'd like some more feedback, please change the prefix back to Ready for Review and I'll review it again! Good luck!
  9. Cool to see some Saint-Saens leaking into the forums....I'm going to place this back in WIP status as I'm not quite sure you have this ready for submission given that the file ends abruptly. When you have a version ready for submission to the Judges Panel please upload it and mark it as Ready for Review. Thanks!
  10. Hi everyone! I thought I'd post a thread in here to make it official that the OC Jazz Collective is currently working on their second ABSOLUTELY FREE OC Remix Album! The entire crew from Chronology returns to bring you some more jazz, this time in the form of a tribute to the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. We've got some new faces on board as well and as per usual are open to arrangers who would like to submit their arrangements for us to record! Currently we do not have a working title for the album but we will keep you updated with this thread as we progress! Looking forward to bringing you more music! -Currently seeking visual artists! -Currently seeking arrangements! Musicians XPRTNovice- Alto/Soprano Anthony Lofton- Tenor Sax Sir Jordanius- Trumpet John Stacy- Horn/Trumpet Fratto- Trombone DrumUltima- Vibraphone Nostalvania- Piano Andy Pearce- Guitar Jay Yaskin- Bass Wiesty- Drums Arrangers Wiesty Nostalvania John Stacy Amphibious Protodome Fratto Jorik Bergman
  11. If needed I'd like to throw my hat in for helping out on the album in any way, whether that be recording some instruments or taking a track. I understand this album is in a reworking phase currently and I definitely have a love for star fox and would like to see this come to life.
  12. Shnabubula's Latest Album!

    At first I read this as "Shnab's Last Album"....bricks were shat.
  13. Yay my first mod review made it on! Congrats dude, great track!!
  14. Chrono Cross Remix Project - cover art in first post!

    Yes! Can we please do a Thieves of Fate reunion collab?!?!
  15. Mod Review Nice work for your first remix on this site! There are some really cool things going on here both arrangement wise and sonically.... Arrangement: I like how this piece sneaks in and slow builds intensity until 0:34, great intro on this one! I'm not a huge fan of the organ that comes in right at 0:35 however...We get this awesome and energetic intro with a very hi-fi sort of a sound and then get pelted with a sub-par organ sample....maybe swap that out with something? It doesn't sound bad in the background but when it's by itself it is pretty weak. I like the breakdown section that comes in at 1:54...nice break from the intensity of the first half. I would maybe milk the first part of the breakdown and hash out some ideas to give the song some more variation before the crazy build up (which is great by the way). After the break down section you need to throw in some more variation 2:29-3:15 is too simlar to 0:40-1:53. There is variation in the melody (we get some of the upper harmonic lines), but the backgrounds are still the same, the drum beat/bass is still the same, so it begins to sound very meandering. See if you can add some different instruments/rhythmic ideas here to make this section stand out from the beginning. I think the ending is the strongest part of the arrangement...love the descending chords at 3:15 and how the ending keep this kind of subtle yet growing intensity....great ending! Production: Overall not bad, but it does seem a bit squished for my ears....the synth and filter sweep at around 0:14 already starts pumping the mids too loud. I think the bass could definitely use some EQ here to give it more of its own space. The patch seems to encroach into the mids so we get lots of mids here but the low end is a bit lacking for my taste. Careful with the loud sections like 0:29 and 2:05. These start to sound very compressed for my ears and you can hear the volume pumping. EQing your instruments to give them their own space will free up some energy and volume but just be careful that your compressor isnt pumping too hard. Other than that it could definitely use a proper master and a boost in the high ends to give it some clarity/frontal sound. I think this falls a bit short of OC standards but with some arrangement work and a bit of tidy up in the production it will be ready....Some very solid ideas here!
  16. 1. work-in-progress Super Mario Bros. 2 - Boss

    Don't worry, it takes a lot of time to develop ears for mixing, I've been doing it for years and still suck at it. Best thing you can do is get into a good studio monitor setup so you're hearing what is actually there.
  17. 1. work-in-progress Super Mario Bros. 2 - Boss

    Definitely needs some sort of melody or hint of a melody, as right now it just sounds like a backing track. It's a solid start for an arrangement but needs to go places and will need some variation in intensity/direction etc. In terms of the mix it sounds VERY mid heavy to me. You're going to need to do some EQ to add some spaces between the instruments. The drums way back in the mix and the bass is pretty calm compared to the blaring mids we get from the guitar. I would EQ the instruments to give them their own sonic space first, that is get rid of any unneeded low frequencies in the Guitar to leave that all for the bass so you can boost the bass up. The highs need a boost as well so that the cymbals really cut, it will add a ton of clarity and definition.
  18. How Soccer Saved the Human Race

    Shnab is the gold standard of vgm
  19. Rockin' the classic Wharfdale diamonds!
  20. 3. completed DKC2 - Forest Interlude Remix

    I'm going to chime in on this one as well since it doesn't have an official "eval" yet eval Loving the chip-tuney sounds here, gives it a completely different texture while still sounding similar to the original. The stereo space here in general is nice, and the ping-pong panning you've done on the instruments works out well. That being said I'll agree with the others in that this is basically a clone of the original song; it needs some variation. Interestingly enough you bring in Mining Melancholy at the end just as the song is fading out. Smart decision, but this could have given you minutes of new material and given it much more variation if you had introduced that earlier and played with the idea. There are maybe a couple of nitpicky production/arrangement things I could get into here but honestly I don't think this would be rejected on grounds of production, it just needs to be reworked. Play around with adding in Mining Melancholy and I think you'll see all of the different avenues you have.
  21. Digging this Markus! I like the reharm on the B section a lot, its a nice contrast from the vamp happening in the A section. Personally I prefer the chord progression from the original for the A section as it sounds a little more calm/mysterious, whereas this conveys a different mood. 100% personal preference however in those regards. I think the guitar could sit back a bit in the mix, and could maybe use some reverb to blend the piano and guitar a little better. Looking forward to hearing more!
  22. 3. completed Heatstroke (Sandopolis Remix)

    It's been a while since my last eval since life has gotten in the way a little bit but I thought I'd push my comfort area a bit by looking at some electronica! eval Nice work on this one man. I've given this one quite a few listens because it took me a while to decipher how much source material you've used and how much variation you've thrown in. You've done a good job of staying pretty true to the original while using sounds/embellishments to add variation and contrast the original. Personally, I'd like to hear a bit more dynamic contrast in the composition. We get a nice build up in the intro, but other than that it is balls to the wall save for the break down at 00:59 and the thinner section at 1:30. These sections offer a bit of a break don't really change a ton dynamically and so the song can become quite taxing on the ear. I think some of the sounds here also sound a bit generic as far as electronica goes and the "du hast" pad rhythm starts to get a bit tiring, I think mostly because these are things we hear all the time. I understand there are tropes of the genre, but it never hurts to change things up and it can definitely go a long way compositionally. I really like the variations to the melody you bring in starting at 1:58! As far as production goes, it sounds a bit taxing to me on the ears. A lot of this is just the sounds/dynamic shape of the composition (not really a production thing). Part of this as well in my opinion is the stereo space. It feels like a lot of the instruments are very center in the mix so we get this huge build up of energy in the piece and very little feeling of space. It might be good to widen some of the instruments and move some of them around to see if it starts to thin out a bit. I don't quite think this would fly for a YES on the panel yet but it's damn close.
  23. Woodwind Player, Bassist

    Any interest in working with the OC Jazz Collective? Shoot me a PM
  24. This track has turned me on to a whole new OST...amazing work.