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  1. The subbass was so good that my 5-inch studio monitors were enough to make it feel great. once I flipped on my subwoofer (per commendation) that's when I was really able to just sit back and enjoy the beat. The lyrical flow was a little static/robotic for me but I mean w/e the experience was good enough
  2. bass guitar

    Hey all - I've got a bad habit of sitting on things but quite frankly I'm glad I did considering I leveled up in terms of my rhythm guitar tone and my bass management. Mixing feedback appreciated
  3. Been 4 years since I got my rejection letter. After all that time I think I can finally call this song done to the best of my abilities as both a performer and a vocalist... but also as an engineer. I'm resubmitting this for sure... not sure if that'll be tonight or tomorrow. I'm fading faster after spending a little too long on the video editing. First is remix followed by source:
  4. So I noticed is not on the list? I have a WIP for it, I was thinking of a calming folksy acoustic arrangement.
  5. 3. completed

    I mean - since I'm assuming you were going for something that could potentially be heard in either game I'd say you did bang-up job. The melodies work so well together it's scary and it stylistically it sounds like a cross between FF7 and FF13 arranging as well. Nice work.
  6. 4. submitted

    Thanks for all the feedback - finally submitted it. See you all in a year?
  7. YOO. First thing I will say - your vocals aren't tooo bad. I can hear where you're sorta only half hitting notes on occasion. You also have a tenancy to scoop into notes but it doesn't sound like you're doing it entirely on purpose. The biggest tip I always got was "come at notes from above" so you're more likely to pronounce the note right on pitch. You should sing more of this song like you did that last verse, it was more convicted and even. Also, careful of the fluttery vibrato, it can work sometimes but I'm not particularly a fan of it in most contexts and if it wasn't present it would give your approach a bit more honesty I feel. You pronounce words very deliberately which I think works for this style. The instrumental is cool, the vocals sort of take over the cool backing stuff you have going on that would help break it up a bit. The bass could also be playing lower notes imo at certain parts so that it has some punch in the low end. That may be me talking as someone who loves a good low end hanging around though. Hope that helps!
  8. Thanks for submitting your remix to this board to be listened to by the people here! I love the overall feeling of this piece. I know this is marked "completed", but going forward I think I have some tips for future mixes! You have a really cool bell lead, and this bell-like arpeggio going on. They sound great but they are competing for the same frequency space, and then when you add the flute lead it sort of gets a little difficult to tell what's going on. (particularly with all the reverb on the lead instruments) My first idea would be to simply turn the backing arpeggios down a little to give room for the leads. Alternatively you could get rid of some of their upper mid range (probably around 2khz in this case) to make some room for your lead instruments so the melody you wrote (and the saria's song counter melody) can stick out to the listeners ear. I think you could get away with turning the reverb effect down a little bit too, but that may be just my personal preference talking. I echo what Uffe von Lauterbach mentioned about the bassline, it seems empty down in the low end for the style. First mix? Not bad! Hope to hear more from you
  9. Welcome to OCR. My only comment really is that the lead guitar is a LITTLE biting imo. You can probably round it out by cutting around 8k just a touch. That's probably more of my personal preference for warmer sounds than anything else, but since the lead guitar is so present and loud in general I don't think it would affect the overall mix other than making the lead a little less abrasive. I know you were going for that Ska-ish lead tone but I guess I'm used to those being recorded on tape so are naturally a little warmer haha. God if for some reason you could get some live horns on this that would probably make my life, otherwise... yea great arrangment, great mix overall. Working with what you have, and you madei t sound great.
  10. 4. submitted JUST CUZ LIKE IDK I still have to check those pitch sections, tried to make the drums a bit more punchy, adjust some of my mastering settings so that the bass is a little more present... also changed my guitar tone a lot. I think overall this mix is cleaner among other things. Thanks for the feedback timaeus
  11. Hi Everyone. Above is the link to my newest video game cover/remix thing. Obviously SEO optimized for Youtube. Been working on a lot of things mostly to improve my process - but it's been worth it since I feel like I can actually do stuff like this without having to reinvent my process over and over again... I'm always looking for feedback - Just because it's on YouTube doesn't mean that I can't tweak to submit later - and I wanted to post it here because I can't for the life of me think of a title. While not having a unique title is great for getting clicks on the youtubes - not so much for OCR consideration. The source link is below, my concern here is if it's interpretive enough. I definitely change things around a lot and have an original section in there. I just know I've gotten feedback before on being to conservative and I really take that to heart.
  12. ^ Remix - Original: I'm interested in any feedback, particularly on interp since I'm not entirely sure if I should submit or not based on that.
  13. I was not aware of it's original purpose. I use it to connect with friends and interact in ways I normally wouldn't.