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  1. Seiken Densetsu 3 - 2020 here we come!

    Yes, a florist.
  2. Seiken Densetsu 3 - 2020 here we come!

    Good advice for project directors: consolidate your data early and often. I've been trying to find all the bios and track notes our remixers have sent us. I've got a good bunch of them, and I've yet to dig through ocr PMs and facebook messages. But if you're an artist on the project and you know you haven't sent us a bio and some thoughts on your track, please do so. Otherwise I have to make stuff up. For example: HoboKa: "Malevolent Intent was written as a symphonic poem for three kazoos and a florist, with a solo originally intended for an actual elephant. It contrasts and compares Finnish grammar with the gradual day-night cycle implementation in the game. The remix has a very personal meaning for me, as it reflects my feelings about the number of syllables in my name. I think it's my best work from back then, that particular week when I finished it. I hope you enjoy it." I hope no track notes or bios are in my aim convo history. I'd hate to have to go through all that as well. Also: the Secret of Mana album is out! Go grab it now!
  3. Ads on OC ReMix YouTube Channel

    Good. I've seen some criticism and such over ocr vs. money, and have been wondering if I should agree with it. This should clear that up.
  4. I need to know if this is normal...

    I feel you, man. My stuff is meandering, lazily thrown together ideas that are barely competently mixed. Every so often I make something amazing. And I'm surprised by it. Then I listen to my other stuff and feel I'll already peaked. But I'm biased. It's the output that matters, not how confident I feel about my skills or how much time I spent on a track or what amazing techniques I used. Maybe all my good works are happy accidents. But that's okay too. With every track, the frequency (and happiness) of my accidents increases.That's what skill means. It doesn't mean you necessarily feel you know what you're doing. It means the output is good. Practice makes pancakes. The more, the better. The better you get. And the more pancakes we get. And if you want to grow, challenge yourself. Start making tracks that copy the structure of successful compositions. Make tracks following some specific logic, some specific structure or direction. And make more pancakes.
  5. Ads on OC ReMix YouTube Channel

    So long as there's transparency, I'm cool with it. Can we see some more specific numbers, like an end-of-the-year report on costs and revenue? How much is being paid out of pocket, how much does patreon cover, ads, other donations, other costs...
  6. Ah, of course. Didn't think to check the date posted. But it takes several months to get through the judging and posting process, so if you're aiming for a specific date it's probably best to give ocr 6 months to work. My xmas album remixes, usually submitted in December, tend to get posted during summer. If you really want your mix posed around halloween, you can request that in the submission email. Provided it fits the standards.
  7. Cool source and style. The synth bass is pretty loud/bright. It almost behaves like a lead. Be careful with how loud you get frequencies of different instruments get. Mix with levels but also EQ. The beat is muffled and soft. I don't know what you're talking about when it comes to getting this through the submission queue in time. In time for what? The queue isn't purged at the end of the year or something. I have a feeling this is too conservative for ocr, but I'd have to go over the source and your remix a few times to be sure. Don't let that stop you from subbing, if that's what you're aiming for. Sub it when you think it's ready.
  8. wip The Jewel That Begot Destiny

    Sounds a little synthwave-y. Cool. I'd look into the overall mixing, how prominent an element should be at any time. You can use both track level and EQ for that. There's that big giant low rumble during the middle part of the track, which is probably too loud. Many of the synth elements are probably too bright and might also be too loud. I'd avoid panning things, my own pan philosophy involves only panning secondary elements that are backed up by something occupying the same approximate frequencies panned opposite (eg hihat vs. shaker, piano chords vs. guitar chords). Here there are some things that seems panned arbitrarily. it's usually not a big deal on speakers, but it sounds weird on headphones. It's a cool take on the source, new rhythms for the melody and a nice overall flow to the track. Needs a lot of mixing work though. Cool stuff.
  9. 3. completed Still Alive

    40 seconds in, and it's clear your writing and the source vocals are not in the same key (and slightly off in tempo too, leading to timing problems). The overall sound design is all over the place, with plenty of good elements that just don't fit well together. There are a few things, some simple synth things and lo-fi-sounding things that you perhaps should just replace, or just mix better. The arrangement seems decent enough, so you might have a rather good track here if you can sort out those things.
  10. Getting the original wrong can lead to a lot of fun new takes on things. I'm having some trouble not hearing it correctly and keep thinking you've got the weirdest drum writing, but the overall sound is nice regardless. It might be my headphones, I'm just listening casually on my gamer headphones, but the kick drum sounds weird during the first half of the track. How does it compare with professionally produced rock tracks? Overall, the track has a really nice, polished sound, but the kick stands out. Really cool stuff.
  11. I like the bass a lot. I like the guitar melody a little. I don't like the drums or the rhythm guitar. Not sure what's par for the genre you've picked, but I'd look into guitar production techniques, probably start with double tracking the rhythm guitar. As for the drums, I'd pretend to be a drummer and think about what I'd want to play in a given part, because the current ones are boring. Again, it might be par for the genre, but I don't think that's the case in the more intense sections. But what do I know? Listen to the best produced tracks in the genre and see what you might want to change. Again, I like the bass a lot. Nice work with that in particular, and with the mood as well.
  12. The kick drum doesn't seem to exist in the same space as everything else. Consider adding a second kick and layering them, adjusting their levels and effects to get a more cohesive sound. The rest of the soundscape fits well together imo. There's some nice alterations to the melodies, and a nice slow build towards more and more elements in the mix. It's quite conservative in the arrangement, but I think there's plenty of your own touch here. Don't worry about ruining the feel, your remix won't warp time and change the original no matter what you do. Just listen to the many different versions of this there are on the site (and elsewhere). They're all different spins on the same track, as is yours. Cool stuff.
  13. The drums sound weird, their dynamics and stereo distribution, but I like the rest. The break at 1:41 could use a bit more build-up or something to punctuate it with, it seems a little random. I like the slow pan stereo effect on the guitar plucks. Cool stuff.
  14. The groove is excellent. Maybe it's my lack of jazz background, but I don't hear anything wrong with the brass writing. Having slow attacks is more an issue with samples than with writing, though the solution is in part in adjusting the writing, moving the notes a little. The rest of the solution is in having samples with faster attack, or messing with the samples until you do. Some mixing things could use some work, the melody when it first comes in is a bit too loud against the more mellow groove. It could be your headphones. It could be mine. I'm not on my music-making headphones. I like this.