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  1. Seems like an interesting source. I may try to whip something hoppy up again, minus vocal scratching. Kind of feeling like I want to experiment with some 808s.
  2. Great job @Dextastic and @APZX. You both had solid mixes that I enjoyed. Didn't get to vote because I had some personal stuff come up this weekend, but wanted to congratulate you both.
  3. Not quite where I want it to be, but I'll have it up in an hour or two. Pretty short track overall.
  4. Sure. Definitely wouldn't be any excuse to not have something turned in. Lol
  5. I'll have something up right at or near the deadline. Not sure if I'll get to experiment with the sample chopping like I wanted to, but I'll have something a little hoppy.
  6. I was thinking more along the lines of vocal chops. BTW, if anyone knows where I can find a clean version of the lyrics, that'd be swell. My Google Fu is failing me.
  7. Haha, yesss! This track is just begging for some kind of jazz-hoppy mix.
  8. Haha, this was really fun stuff! Vocal execution doesn't feel as strong as some of your other stuff, but you still did a pretty good job combining the rock track with a rap flow. The way you're going through the SA2 soundtrack I'm anticipating the eventual Meteor Herd cover. Hopefully that is in the pipeline.
  9. 3. completed

    As usual, excellent stuff. Love the percussions for this track. Sound almost gives me a Sagat meets SaGa Frontier II vibe.
  10. Wow, this I really, really like this. You've done a great job with a relatively simple track. Only feedback I have to give is some of the synths could use a little more depth to them. Maybe add just a touch more reverb to get them to sound behind the guitar. Great job, and I will definitely be looking forward to your next update.
  11. My bad DarkeSword. Didn't even notice these threads were under the music history forum. Just assumed this was the general music forum. Still no excuse for lazy posting on my part. Anyhoo, to dive a bit deeper into why I enjoy the Super Monkey Ball 2 soundtrack in context of the game. Besides sounding good, the juxtaposition between these bright environments and characters with music that becomes increasingly more ambient and darker by the time you reach the last two boss worlds gives a unique feel to the game. Maybe if I had a little more music knowledge and experience I could dig into why that is, but just as someone who enjoys games and music the soundtrack did an excellent job of matching the environments, and in a game where you're dying frequently and having to replay stages countless times over, the last thing the music should do is become a nuisance. Perhaps that's why the music becomes more ambient as the game progresses: to not needlessly draw the player's attention as the difficulty of each stage ramps up. May not have been the intention, but definitely an interesting coincedence.
  12. While your enthusiasm is appreciated, might want to dial it back just a tad. Probably don't need two threads for what are, loosely, the same topic. Having said that, Super Monkey Ball 2 has an absolutely phenomenal soundtrack that happens to be one of my personal favorites. Couldn't tell you who composed the soundtrack, and I'm too lazy to check right now.
  13. Team Knight - Shovel Power (Shovel Knight vs. Tinker Knight) Team Robot - Tinkering on Pluto (Pluto vs. Tinker Knight) Team Robot - Lonely Cosmic Workshop - (Saturn vs. Tinker Knight)
  14. El Polar Enker - Pretty nice Spanish flair to the track. Definitely a opposite of what comes to mind for me when thinking of Polar Knight, but you did a good job with a tough source. Song is a little static, and the ending is a little abrupt. Arctic Robot Dance Party - Blegh. This dude should have worked on his mix much more, and the intro is a little underwhelming/sounds off. He also took a lot of liberties with the Polar Knight source. King of the Kuiper Belt - Herbie Hancock's Chameleon says hello. Love what you did with this track. Everything comes together very cohesively, and that bassline is crunchy peanut butter goodness. Pridemoor Cat - Really nice, clubby track. Leads sound a little weak at times and could create better separation, but overall still a really nice track. Good job from a fellow Robot member!
  15. I would but I have other musical responsibilities. Maybe next round.