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  1. Haha sorry, I read about the entries via PM and misread that as sources. It was late last night
  2. Even if I often suck at competitions (unless I have a stroke of genius) I always want to take part in them. Count me in. I just have to chose my picks first My first pick would have been Kid Dracula though
  3. Submitted, well, something. I didn't have much time and the themes don't really fit...
  4. Hmm, I love everything about Zoras, perhaps I'll find time for an entry
  5. Team Knight - Shovel Power (Shovel Knight vs. Tinker Knight).mp3 Team Robot - Not So Deviant Ballade (Ballade vs. Tinker Knight).mp3 Team Robot - Tinkering on Pluto (Pluto vs. Tinker Knight).mp3
  6. If mine comes on Friday which I hope (haven't heard anything against it), it will also be the first time I get one on launch day. The last time I considered it, was with the Nintendo 64, but as a 12 year old, money was tight Edit: I just got confirmation that it's on its way, yeah
  7. It might even be that Dark Star could fit my current style better. Since I just copied that link anyway, I'm gonna post it here too:
  8. Well, I wanted to post a WIP, but I can also give you a link to the last project I completed And I also don't know yet, what I come up with depending on the source
  9. Hmm, ok, seems i'm probably at the short end of the stick for that track, I want to work a bit on my Chrono Cross WIP, then I'm not home till Monday and then it's my turn in my RvK tournament, so if someone else is faster, then that's my problem
  10. Ok, I know it was posted in December, but I just found it now, in February, my traditional Tales of Phantasia month, and now I get even more reasons to replay it. Thank you for this
  11. @ChiwalkerHe's a bull, what did you expect?
  12. Oh, I totally forgot about that one. I have to admit I have the Robots vs Knights compo on my plate and I'm working on a WIP for the Chrono Cross album, but I really couldn't pass up a game which also literally changed my life. At least I'd like to I think about "Into the Thick of It" or "Dark Star", but I need to see, what my mind comes up with
  13. Yeah, those updates really suck. I really need a new computer soon too, or I need to be less lazy bouncing tracks to the disk, since my 2 year old (mobile) i7 can't handle a lot of VSTs in parallel any more
  14. Definitely Edit: I hope no one thinks about the Dragoon Fortress track, I might have an idea for that, which is more promising, perhaps I can do a rough WIP this week, before I have to do my RvK remix
  15. Hmm, Chrono Cross literally changed my life, so I'm thinking about doing something as well. I'm torn between "Magical Dreamers ~ The Wind, Stars, and Waves ~" and "Voyage - Home World" Hmm, let's see first. what I come up with, and if I have time to come up with something durning the Robots vs Knights compo