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  1. Well, after a bit of a hiatus, I worked on a new track, I hope I didn't lose all of my skills. It's a blend of elements from Mega Man II - Needle Man, Unreal Tournament - Course and Deus Ex - UNATCO
  2. Finally the Mega Man GB games will get some love. I'm a sucker for them (the Needle Man theme from II got me into remixing in the first place and V just rocks in general), so I would love to take part in this compo (preferably on the Robots team)
  3. I'm terribly sorry everyone. Even on holiday I was pretty busy and I had some issues with the heat and my computer which didn't seem to like it @Ronald Poe Now take over the goddamn world!
  4. It seems you're determined that you win. Good, good, let the hate flow through you I will not go down easy. I said one-sided, because we end up fighting each other again and not someone else
  5. Yeah, it's a bit one-sided. Good luck to you too
  6. Ok, I submitted, since I need to get to bed finally. I'm actually rather pleased with my rushed work
  7. Well, I've been even busier than in round one. I hope I can do something on the weekend
  8. Haha, I shouldn't have forgotten to vote
  9. Ok, I give up and submit. I did not have enough time to make anything than a rough sketch, sorry guys. Perhaps next time
  10. Yeah, they fit better than I originally thought. Good luck to you too. Well, I did not have that much time, I only have some basic stuff, but the weekend is coming, so I'll work a lot on my entry then.
  11. Oh, this will be interesting... And not easy
  12. I just listened to all of the entries, the mixing will be tough. I'm actually hoping to be paired with Supercoolmike, I think his and my theme would go excellent together
  13. Ah goddamn it, I'm really busy, but I can't waste an opportunity for training. Ok here goes: [“Castlevania: Symphony of the Night” - “Alucard” and “The Tragic Prince” - “Hero"]. I hope that's eligible, since this is not the "official" theme of Alucard [“Illusion of Gaia” - “Dark Gaia" and “The Clash of Light and Shadow” - “Villain”].
  14. I've only played Judgement once, so I didn't know this. I'm really thinking about trying this, but I have no idea what's currently used as Wrestling entrances since I've not watched it for two years and the ones I remember are rock and that's something I can't do