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  1. would you be interested in this?:


  2. Thanks for the kind words! @Mordi Actually both, the bass and violin are "fake" (sequenced).
  3. Really nice! Just after listening to this, i went to YT and checked the whole OST, and this source track was my favourite
  4. I'm remixing Ice Mountain/Lava Path, Substantial WIP.
  5. Excellent Work, that phat funky bass is awesome! The piano part at 1:33 was nice too
  6. Saw you checked out my profile, which reminded me that I meant to say I'm digging your Link to the Past ReMix. Deceptive opening with sweet melancholy chords, followed by awesome organ and bass. Nicely done!

    1. Nostalvania


      Hey thanks, glad you like it!

  7. wip

    I think the melody (and the arpeggio thingy) itself actually sound fine, it's the chord of the E-piano that makes it sound odd IMO (you used a minor chord, but the melody plays a major third).
  8. wip

    Pretty nice, very smooth an chill. However, i know it was on purpose, but i personally wasn't so a fan of those stop/glitch effects towards the end, they caught me a bit off guard, so i can understand The Damned's reservations regarding that section. Another small thing: There is a note in the melody of the B-part that always clashes with the chords, at 2:38 and 3:30 (A over Fmin7), which sounds quite jarring. Maybe you could try to change the chord to a F7 on that particular point to avoid dissonance. Anyways, cool stuff.
  9. wip

    @timaeus222 I agree about the drums (and everything else actually), especially the rim click is a bit too quiet. I'd say the snare is more present, but yeah, it could be louder. I'm aware of that the trombone sounds pretty fake, and of course a live instrument would be great. Actually, i know a trombone player, maybe i'll ask him? Hmm, maybe i'm gonna change the ending from major to minor (like in the intro), or just try to find a better transition to the major key.
  10. wip

    Thanks for the feedback guys! I'll try to improve the mixing, and I agree about the ending, it's less-than-ideal.
  11. @eggsngaming Hey, that's cool, thanks for using my music on the CD! Yeah, i've had some fun making this ReMix, especially with the bass part. I love to write bass lines
  12. Hi Everyone, Here is my newest ReMix i'm working on. This time i decided to arrange the popular Sub Castle BGM from Super Mario World. I tried to do something different by using a more "upbeat" approach, while still remaining the dark/menacing mood of the source. Probably needs some work on the mixing. Source: Remix: Feedback welcome
  13. Thanks for all the comments and kind words, really appreciate it! @timaeus222 Yeah, it's in the WIP forums: And i'm very glad you liked the bass solo i like it too
  14. OCR is going down the drain.
  15. Congrats and welcome guys! Keep up the good work, although i think they shouldn't be so picky when it comes to source usage. Nah, i'm just kidding