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  1. pfft I wish my band director was strict. My band class was pretty terrible in high school. Bunch of students that just took the class and saw it as free time; totally distracting and disrupting band practices with constant immaturity and negligence for simple instrunctions. we would hardly practice anything cuz of the same few people that went out of there way to do the exact opposite of what our instructor said. There was plenty of times that I confronted them but that was all I could've done since the school was strict towards inter-district students, and me going "out of Line" would essentially result in expulsion. Only good days were whenever those students skipped class and we would actually be able to practice properly or learn other composers and there styles, definitely wish there were plenty more of those days.
  2. Pretty much as the Title states. I got into Spotify like a few months ago and I noticed that there aren't that many soundtracks from video games on there list, OST's and remixes alike are pretty barren there. I know that there's a created playlist made by Tagifras in there but that's mostly because he's paying the subscription to upload his own tracks to make it available for everyone else to enjoy. So what I guess I'm trying to say is, will there be Official album releases for Spotify soon? The closest thing for multiple releases of remixed albums are from GameChops, but even then it doesn't feel like it's there entire library. A good example is going to the artists Page and finding out there page hasn't really been up to date or doesn't have there other albums they were apart of missing from there own page. is it a spotify problem? or do the artist's not have full control of what is available since these albums are a collaborative effort with multiple people?
  3. MnP sexy 69: FF4 - Theme of Love

    it is true that it's entirely based on opinion on what is considered to be the victor, but that's what I like about MnP honestly. You're not supposed to worry about changing things up (that's what PRC is for), it's about who can portray the same emotion better whether it's within there own style or not. I can understand if people think its bland to just follow the original track and midi but that's what this compo is. Personally, I use MnP as the testing grounds to either create original sounds or combine multiple layers of sounds ( that I don't normally use) to form them as one. For example in the first 30 seconds of my piece, Only 2 instruments are playing in the midi but I'm actually using 4 instruments (not including effects). If I'm not doing this method mentioned earlier than I'm practicing to play this live on my midi piano or by simply training my ear to remake the song and try to only use the midi file as a fail safe. if I'm just getting a lot of notes wrong ( which is more often than not) then I'll just bite the bullet and use the midi. I feel like the whole point of this compo is to find better ways to improve yourself without the need of sweating things out or the need to be a try hard, At least that's how I see it. Like its not that big of a deal if you win or lose or even if you felt like you got robbed, I don't see things that way. I only see what needs or should've been improved on if such situations were to occur.
  4. PRC339 - The Theme of Rose (Legend of Dragoon)

    uploaded with just 10 mins to spare, Totally wasn't paying attention to the deadline so that's on me. Went for another style but with my manegment skills, I was only able able to upload the instrumental version. Can't tell if this is a blessing or a curse cuz I was planning to sing in it... so ya, one hell of a way to get out of your comfort zone. lol. I'll just have to finish it later. The lyrics were about halfway done but I sound terrible, but I don't even know how terrible I am cuz I never sang before. so I'm debating if I should be serious about it or just be dumb and make up voices. lol
  5. PRC336 - Let's Ruin This Castle (Super Mario Land)

    back in Jan 17 2015, for prc season 11. I kind of did that but placed it all on one youtube vid instead of an album. I was attempting to do it again for season 12 but some stuff happened here and there and I basically dropped the ball pretty badly. I don't know If I'll even attempt to make a season 13 vid because I really don't like saying I'll get something done just for me to not finish it; whether the project is small or large. I mean I wouldn't mind helping out in the end, I just don't like the feeling of betraying someone that has giving me the opportunity to be apart of "said" project. - I've always felt PRC and MNP were brothers in arms since they're both being about 2 week long compos. It's probably still the best place for newcomers or beginners to show up. The monthly compos that does show up here usually last more than a month also while bringing plenty of people to its roster, but also has its fair issues of dropouts. Now the albums that gets formed here are basically the yearly compos but also with higher standards. So in short, I kind of view these time based compos as the difficulty meter: Biweekly = Easy <> Monthly = Medium <> Yearly(Albums) = Hard I'm NOT saying the people that go to these compos (and/or stay) are without or lacking experience in any way. This is just my view of the compos that are based on time and encourages everyone to enter no matter how experienced the person is. - I honestly like How the winners can't choose songs that are already in OCR, It helps bring new life to possible games and tracks that never got the love. I also liked it when it was a specific source because it was always super interesting on the many different possibilities and renditions people have made mixing in with there only style. Using some sources from the request forums is a pretty cool idea, could have the potential of bringing in more people. This is just my thoughts of the matter and hope all is well for the future of PRC.
  6. Perfection VS Mistake

    I know it doesn't make sense, that's why I asked it because I would sometimes see examples of people doing just that. Either out of spite or just through jealousy. I don't want to give out examples cuz I don't want to be rude to anyone so I apologize if this doesn't exactly help out. @Neblix Hit the nail on the head for me here. It dawned on me that I had completely forgotten the reason of why people would strive so hard to be masters at there own work and it kind of pisses me off that I had overlooked such an invaluable detail. just goes to show that I'm still a rookie in many ways I appreciate the comments I have thus far. I understand that I could've said things better and will definitely try to be less misleading next time and more into the matter I was trying to come across.
  7. Perfection VS Mistake

    I don't really know how to form this question since its really broad, but what is your guys opinion on the matter of "perfection" in music? I understand why people can hate it since it takes away the human element, but what about musicians that practiced so hard for so long where they're damn near perfect in there performances? Do ( or should) people hate there music now? I Say this because it became quite clear and relevant to others how fast music has been accessible for Beginners and professionals alike, but both sides seems to have there own unique problems that contradicts each other in some form. I'm gonna assume here thinking the end game for this topic is that; one side wants to AVOID perfection (DAWS), while the other side wants to BE perfection (live recordings/performances). If one is ever superior than the other, would we then crave the inferior? I feel like this is already happening in the music industry but I'm really curious on what people have to say in the matter, Or at least send a link to where this topic has been discussed before. Thanks for taking the time to read
  8. MAGQuest 2016

    ohh wow, I Always wanted to go to magfest but that shit would be on the east coast. now there's gonna be future plans being held in the bay area? what luck. I don't know how big the convention is over on the east side but They're a shit ton of large buildings/conventions in that Santa Clara area, and whats funny is that if ppl ever got tired of it, there's literally an amusement park (CA Great America) like 5 mins away. lol
  9. PRC329 - Tackle the Ice Demon (Croc: Legend of the Gobbo's)

    uploaded, but I feel like I need to re-look at my piece after this compo is done. I Wasn't at my normal setup and the one I was currently using for this piece lacked decent speakers. So I tried a lil bit harder to find the right balance to polish it up but idk if it worked out as well as I think it did. Other than that the track was really fun to do.
  10. Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness

    a quick tip on those quests is that you should just focus on the ones where the reward is going to give you a skill or specialty ( the manual/book looking reward) since the other quests hardly give out anything great and may just be wasting your time, unless you were planning to complete them all anyway. The Maze of Tribulations ( name of post game dungeon) is definitely shorter then what SO3 had to offer but that doesn't mean its not going to kick your ass. Its shorter in retrospect because a lot of people complained about how big and tedious it was in previous titles. So MoT is shorter in comparison but that just means the difficulty spike is huge when progressing through it. Of course the real difficulty in the game is chaos mode but since you don't unlock it from the get go, the best thing you can do is complete complete some of the battle trophies since the roles unlocked that way can transfer over to a new save file AS LONG as you keep the files separate.
  11. What game world would you most want to visit?

    ppft! Peace!? what's that? some arbitrary concept that can never exist IRL or even in the fictional world. just teleport my ass in the Megaman X universe and I'm golden. "But Mike! there is a ton of violence and power struggle that constantly involves the entire planet." Yep that's the whole point, An era that is constantly ever changing either by peace or by destruction. Both sides needing the power and influence to make a change that completely Derails what is logically best for the world. Shit, with all things considered I might even become a maverick in this world. I would be consumed and submerged into the world where I would either help protect or destroy it to what would be my own belief. The more I talk, the more I sound like a maverick already lol. Sigma for president!
  12. Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness

    ya I love the game, Only nitpicks I have with the game is that the game is very short compared to its siblings. SO3 I feel has the longest story and this version really can be completed within 20 hrs as long as you'r not trying to complete every side mission. The other thing I hate about it is mostly on the review(s) side of the game, A lot of complaints go towards the game when it actually has a mechanic to battle against said issue but just weren't utilized so they had a bad experience. For example there will be a couple of sections where you have to protect Anne during a fight, the only catch here is that ALL of the enemies will only focus on her and if she dies that's an automatic game over. Yes it feels very cheap cuz even the boss of the area will do the same thing and she gets melted within a few seconds of combat, However the reserve rush mechanic will battle against this as it would wipe out the whole enemy team in one move if used correctly. Last nitpick of the game is that you NEVER get to be able to control Relia, so the majority of the time she is just doing her own thing wandering what the hell she is even casting ( i think its buffs for your characters). The game may not be next gen in graphics but it totally fits the next gen material in other aspects. Constant 60 FPS with a team of 7 characters on the field plus enemies. when near the end of the game skills and magic are everywhere on your screen and I never really experienced frame rate issues during all that chaos. The crafting system is huge, full of capabilities that will give you an edge against the enemy and sometimes in certain cases will flat out almost make you god like. The roles in this game is the most important mechanics in the game as they will make your characters more powerful and increase there AI Intelligence; so they will actually do attacks/skills instead of just standing there wondering what to do when they're in the middle of the battle ( yes, this happens if you further decrease there intelligence). Of course the best roles in the game have requirements and they mostly need other specified skills to be a certain level to unlock. Just recently completed the post game dungeon (That only unlocks until the main story is completed) with all my characters being above lvl 230 and at least 3 characters having there ultimate weapons. Currently doing another run but on Chaos Difficulty; The enemies have 2x - HP/MP and 1.5x - Atk/Def/Etc... Overall I enjoy this game and I plan to 100% it.
  13. rRPC 2016 - The ReMix Role-Playing Competition 2016

    like most others, I was also a lil cramped in my schedule. Sent Fenix the wip so its better than to hear nothing at all and have the other particpant(s) win by default. Meaningless victories are worse than being completely shutdown in the votes imo since there's nothing to gain from a default win.
  14. rRPC 2016 - The ReMix Role-Playing Competition 2016

    Just submitted my piece for the villains. I tried to to apply all 3 choices but just couldn't come up with anything for the life of me. Did multiple revisions cuz I wasn't really feeling it, but hopefully you guys will like this one.
  15. Back in 2012, there was this vst," Plogue" that did similar things but stood more with the arcade machines instead of home consoles. Its priced at $95 and that's probably the only thing closest that I could fine that's similar with super audio cart. website : Its pretty interesting either way and hope its successful since so many people worked on it. Only question I have for it is, will there be a demo?