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    I'm a musician, composer, singer, and audio engineer with a lifelong love affair with video games and other similar interests. I took a break from the world, and after spending the better part of the last two years raising a feisty toddler, I'm rekindling my inner muse and ready to make music again. :)

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  1. Upcoming Final Fantasy player - what game should I play first?

    I know you said you've already watched FFIX, but I honestly recommend playing through it on your own, too. Ditto for FFVII. IX is my favorite of the series so it's really dear to my heart. I'd actually rank my top three as IX, VI, and VII. VIII is great, too, but definitely on the weirder side and the combat/magic system didn't appeal to me as much. I love X, as well, it has a great story, music, and characters. From personal experience, a lot of people I've met have had VII or X as their first FF. VII was my first, personally. I was very young and impressionable when it came out and it was my first RPG, so it has that special spot in my gaming memory. So I would start with IX, VII, and X, if you don't mind playing through a game you're already watching. Speaking of Square RPGs and Chrono, have you played Chrono Trigger?
  2. SNES Classic

    I barely got one this morning, I was so happy! SNES is my favorite console, and even though I'm disappointed it doesn't have Chrono Trigger and Donkey Kong Country 2 or 3, I own them digitally so I'll manage. I won't lie, I teared up a little during unboxing and watching the FFVI intro. More than anything I'm excited for my son to play this when he's a little older.
  3. I'm interested in contributing! Since non-video game music is okay, could that include something from an anime that I think would work well done in a wintry style? If so, you may put me down as a remixer.
  4. How cool! I never would have thought to arrange Star-Stealing Girl like that, that's awesome. You nailed the 90's pop sound on the head. I could definitely imagine Shawn Mullins singing over this, or even Natalie Imbruglia. I too am looking forward to the finished track, especially with vocals!
  5. I like this a lot! This is one of my favorite styles of music, so I always want to hear more of this on OCR. I feel like the original has some Celtic elements already in its composition, so it translates to the medieval folk/Celtic style really well, and I really like the way you did it. I bet some recorders underneath the whistle/flute would sound great. I agree about the tambourine, that would be nice too. I would love to hear more! P.S. I play Celtic harp, so if you ever have want or need of that sound, I'm willing to help out.