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  1. Something I tell my students is to remember to keep your fingers arched, and to practice pressing the strings with different parts of the finger. What a lot of new players tend to do is overcompensate and play with the very top of their finger right under their nail, because they don't want to hit the string above it. However, this ends up leaving the fleshy part of your finger laying all over the strings underneath. Moving your elbow to rotate your hand can help with some chords as well.
  2. I'm 1000% ok with any of my submissions being used. For any purpose.
  3. Good to see RushJet here! Always loved his stuff. Been on a chiptune craze lately and this is great stuff!
  4. This seems very close to the original track and might not fit the arrangement standards of OCR. The judges tend to look at submissions on how you made them with your own ideas, not just the quality of the performance or how good it sounds. It needs to have something that makes it stand apart from the original. It sounds great as it is, it does, but I didn't hear anything new and that's something the judges are going to look for.
  5. Updated: https://www.dropbox.com/s/4gs06u4wxmu41pf/dkc2hotheadbop%2010072015-FINAL.mp3?dl=0 Fixed the piano, looking to wrap this up. Any last minute feedback appreciated!
  6. Link to mp3: https://www.dropbox.com/s/4gs06u4wxmu41pf/dkc2hotheadbop%2010072015-FINAL.mp3?dl=0 Been working on this for a day or so, I know the piano is a bit off as far as timing so I'm already working on making that better, but looking for some feedback on everything else. Source:
  7. So how do I make sure I'm in the OCR block? I don't see a section for group name? -Nevermind, I'm a derp. didn't realize it was on the Magfest site and not the hotel site.
  8. Use reference mixes when you're doing your final effects on your track. Find a song that has a similar sound that you're looking for that's been done by professionals and compare it to your mix, see what's different and make the appropriate adjustments. Dave Pensado talks a bit more about it here if you'd like a visual explanation.
  9. Very nice! I've been on a fingerstyle/classical kick lately myself, and it's refreshing to hear such a great adaptation of one of my favorite themes. Well done!
  10. A bit of digging says that it's an ACP setting instead of a UCP setting. So it's either chronological or reverse chronological for everyone or nobody. Kinda silly, things like that should be UCP since it's a users preference.
  11. Sometimes it has to do with the arrangement itself. Maybe you have too many conflicting parts, or maybe you don't have enough parts and your song sounds empty. It's not always a production thing.
  12. A lot of stuff I do is recorded in multiple takes then spliced together. I never saw anything wrong with it and still don't. The only drawback I feel one could claim is that sometimes it MIGHT take out some of the human element, like quantizing a midi track. But if done right, it's not noticeable.
  13. If we personally feel that a song that is labeled Possibly Not Techno (Maybe) should be listed under Possibly Techno, do we blow up Larry's private message box like we do for all other problems we have with the site?