View Full Version : Can anybody make a karaoke of a song for me?

11-29-2010, 08:53 PM
The song is called My Christmas List, and is by Simple Plan. I'll include a link to a YouTube video later in this post.

I had auditioned for a Christmas-themed talent show at my school, and actually made it! Yay! The only problem is, this is the song I want to sing, but there's no karaoke version of it :(

I tried making one in Audacity, but the quality was TERRIBLE! >.<

So I was really hoping someone could make one...it can just be made with, say, Adobe Audition or something like that; no need to go record yourself playing it or something.

I need it like, ASAP. Preferably tomorrow or Wednesday...I'm so very sorry for the rush >.<

Anyone who can do this will have TONS of gratitude from me D:

Anyway, here's the song: