View Full Version : Any tone module recommendations for trance?

01-16-2006, 04:19 PM
Hey guys, I wanted to expand my MIDI setup beyond my GM module, and wanted to get into more trance sounding percussion and synth sounds, and was wondering if there was a go-to module for this.

I think I'll be primarily using it with my keyboard, but it would be nice to also sequence with the comp through the midi interface.


01-16-2006, 05:03 PM
Preferences? Hardware? Software? Both of them, hardware only or software only?

There're so many possibilities. And I'm pretty sure the first softsynth that will be mentioned will be "Vanguard" as "ultimate tool". *duh!*

A bit more specific in what you hear or what type of "Trance" you want to produce, and we might better be able to help you, cause there're tons of hardware/software synths out there, so are drumsamplers, drummachines and sample CDs.

In the later section I'd recommend the "Techno and Trance Essentials" CDs (Bestservice). They have lots of material from the hardtrance section like Scooter and Kai Tracid do. Else the usual things: TB303 (ReBirth is free now!), a 808 and 909 drummachine (again, ReBirth is free and has those samples included), the rest depends on preferences (synthwise) and engineering skills.

01-16-2006, 05:43 PM
I am definitely look to have a replete set of both hardware and software tools, but at the moment I'm in the market for a hardware synth module.

I'd prefer to acquire the darker cybertrance tone like Mars & Mystre.


01-16-2006, 06:39 PM
Then try to get an old Roland Juno or the newer V-Synth. The Korg Legacy Collection has an external "module" for patching your sounds and along with the "Digital Edition", you even have access to elder hardware racks.

The most three hardware deviced I'd use however:
Access Virus
Waldorf Q (digital synth) or Waldorf Microwave XT
Roland JP8080 or the general Juno Series.

The drums mostly came out of a Roland 808 or Roland 909 Drumcomputer. But if you want to be more versatile:

- Yamaha RM1X
- Kork Electribe S (the sampler)
- AKAI MPC2000 (the 2500 will come soon, so prices will fall - also afaik the MPC has a ton of "oldschool drummachines" shipped on CD).

For software you have way more possibilities. Freeware I'd recommend the SuperWave P8, Synth1, JX220 (now free), Juno 106. Commercially reFX Vanguard is a recommendation by a couple of peeps, Reaktor, Reason in ReWire Mode, the SuperWave Plugins in general are aimed at the supersaw sound, IK Sonik Synth and Spectrasonics Athmosphere is also a nice add on for themore "melodic trance".

But for the more harder stuff, I'd recommend the first modules mentioned. I'd also take a look at official webpages from the artists themselves. Scooterfor example listed their equipment once. Last year they mentioned in KEYS germany what they're using (and hardware, especially the JP/Juno series is still essential in their sound).

This is all I can give you on the way for now.