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07-11-2011, 11:15 AM
Hey I'm the new guy to ocremix... so ill start by saying yeh, this definitely is a wildly diverse community! For starters i feel rather out of place so far but i figure ill start by posting some video game styled tunes here that I've written myself with full mechanical rights and copyrights too [under Australian copyright law, yes I'm an aussie heheheh]

Its a mixture of:

Oriental "Influenced" Vibes, Atmosphere / Sonics Soundscapes, Subtle Layers of Melody, With a Chilled Vibe throughout...

The album is available as a sneak peek with tracks pending to update over time... [i just keep adding more music to this album] and for the moment I'm just using some rather vague names in order to keep things rather generic "IDK21" or whatever whatever for tracks.

Album is left untitled for the moment aswell just if your interested in using these tracks for some projects, big shout out to games developers while projects are pending and you might be looking for some music for some kinds of iphone styled games or anything you have in mind.

For those in producers in development looking for tunes: Games like puzzle / adventure with spacey / underwater styled themes I'd say would probably suit these tunes, however if you use your imagination I'm sure they can be applied to much broader styled projects quite easily!

Licensing: Totally OK either way with non exclusive or fully exclusive licensing however i would prefer the latter [i want to sign something before we make a deal basically]

So here's some stuff for anyone with an interest in ambient chilled out styles of music to appreciate and enjoy!

LINKAGE: http://soundcloud.com/ticktockclockwerk/sets/untitled/s-dz0Xh

Totally think its worth your while to have a listen... come on you know you want to :-D

- Clockwerker

07-11-2011, 08:01 PM
Hey sup.

OCR really isn't a place where most game devs. look for composers. There have been some people who've gotten noticed through OCR and been picked up by some developer but the numbers aren't high. OCR is for sharing your works, primarily remixes with other VGM fans. If you're looking to get picked up with an indie company, sites like devmaster and indie gamer forums offer places to post such ads.

Anyway, on the subject of your actual music. I think you have some good tunes and it seems like you were going for a chip tune type feel but to be honest....the drums are extremely weak in all of them. I'm sorry but they lack punch or any kind of power and are generally very un-inspiring. A lot of the sounds in general are also pretty basic. The greatest offender of this is IDK22. Also, for ambient music, I think you'll need much better and dynamic synth pads to keep the listener interested.

Bottom line, I think you have good songs. If you're happy with the way they are, then great. But I think that with higher quality sounds, the tracks would be way more polished sounding. There may be some game devs out there that would be looking for chip tuney stuff, but I think you could really impress with better drums and synth sounds. That's just my opinion though.