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"Reason" Original House EP by TheGuitahHeroe (FREE Download)


Back with another one. :D

House. Either you love it or you hate it. oh wait that's dubstep...

Well, it's a genre that very few people can stand to listen to in a casual fashion, I find. Some people only like to dance to it. I am one of the people who can't dance (lol) and yet love to listen to house casually, as if I were listening to rock or something.

Nevertheless, this one combines some house tracks that I've made recently with some remastered old ones.

The tracks are designed to play continuously, and Bandcamp takes a bit of a pause before moving on to the next track. To hear it the way it's meant to be played in full, you can download the album to get the full MP3 of all the songs together as a bonus track (as well as a few other bonus tracks! ;) ). Also playing the separate tracks in iTunes makes the transitions between songs totally seamless, I find.

I like to consider this EP, consisting of 4 tracks at just over 25 minutes, to be both aggressive and laid back in style at the same time, with a contemplative overtone (mostly) throughout. That being said, hopefully for lovers of the house subgenre, there's something for everyone here :D

Thanks a lot guys, and enjoy!


(click it)
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Old 03-01-2012, 05:32 AM
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Listening from Bandcamp, headphones on a laptop.

I think it sounds pretty good. I dig the lead kicking in about 1:45 in "Gradual Electrocution." There is some repetiveness, but it sort of comes with the genre oftentimes. I did have a few things I didn't like (the static-y hat at the beginning of "A Reason" felt harsh; delays in a lot of things, lengthening of it), but I'll leave the in-depth stuff for someone else.

I enjoyed it quite a bit. Thank you; it's a download from me.
Nothing here for now.
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Aw snap I'm sold, this is one groovy album.

Downloading with glee.
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fantastic stuff, dude
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