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  1. pretty much my experience. Curiously who would be able to do "The Flinstones" justice; some how make them relevant without seemingly hokey or forced. I'd even watch it regardless of who does it so long as it leaves out political rhetoric.
  2. Some how I'd preferred if Seth remade ...
  3. Can't justify getting a 360 when I have a PC along side with the Wii and PS3; not to mention there are no games on the 360 that would make me want one. That said I'll admit to some jealousy on it having a lot of nice shmups. I can wait otherwise doing other things along side finishing up some of the single player titles I've bought but haven't made time for before.
  4. Valkenhayn and are paid DLC as well as Makoto as she was the first DLC paid character to come out for BBCS.Let's fight... like squirrels
  5. Rachel Alucard was practically crippled in CS Ver1... The following came from a RA thread on Dustloop, though outdated now it shows how things went for her at the time... Aforementioned Thread I don't know how much that has changed in BB:CS Ver2 as PSN is still down, that said I still main her as well as her good ole butler Valkenhayn ever since he came out. I will most likely still play them both. I'll definitely try out if only for some good laughs and to see how she is. Now they just need to make Kokonoe a playable character...
  6. Just on visuals alone I thought . Hell the as well.Incredible realistic visuals are nice but at least keep the games and
  7. Have you tried browsing any stores recently..? At the very least if you have yet to spend your tax money, assuming you work at all, you could easily buy an HDTV between $200-$500 at some place like Walmart; even Best Buy with the cheap Dynex lines are easily affordable. Personally went for a Vizio, been happy since with it.
  8. Don't forget those games that required you to be online due to DRM "protection". I don't think they'd need to be on the PSN persay as they are usually multi-platform but needing to be online in general JUST to be allowed to play a game, especially if it's single-player, is ridiculous.
  9. Some regions may have access already but not all at this moment...
  10. Hey now no need to bash his blowup doll fetish. Will say the year long protection program is pretty nice. Shame there's going to be another attack, assuming that link BF holds true, though I don't see how they'd benefit this time around.
  11. You say that as if you've never been on the Internet before.
  12. Ah... making me wish it continued with the Twilight Princess aesthetics. Still most likely will get it though.
  13. If it ever does come out, there's no stopping conspiracy theorists, people with irrational hatred towards others forming accusations, grand-standing politicians who have nothing better to do, a company with a chronically poor public relations issue, ignorant masses quick to jump onto what's popular from shitting upon everything beyond recognition. That said, I'm still having fun on the PS3, playing games I've purchased disk copies for, watching my blu-ray discs and flicks I've downloaded off the Internet sans commercials and annoying sign-in prompts within a replaced, much larger hard-disk drive; as well as using a range of custom PS3 themes that I occasionally change that embodies my love for a certain shmup with a huge cast of characters. I'm sure they would enjoy it too if they could and chose to as well. Seriously I rather enjoy it than listen to people spitting vitriol at each other beyond the OCR forums. Here at least there SOME modicum of reasoning.
  14. 1. Some people can't handle CAVE games, or rather bullet hell/curtain games like , , or ; not to mention they have a terrible habit of having nearly shit advertising and many people not understanding danmaku/bullet hell/bullet curtain games.2. Strangely enough regarding the Armored Core series, the Front Mission series had a recent game be just like that but it absolutely tanked in sales, compared to its older much more slower paced Strategy RPG style which enjoyed a very nice success as far as I've seen. 3. I don't even think I've ever seen a Bloody Roar arcade cabinet, and I thought they were fun at a friends' place. Never heard of 4, 5, & 6... 7. ... It could have a PS3 sequel or awesome spin off right?8. Only heard of Jade Cocoon but never seen it before. 9. Never heard of "Roll Away" 10. Shadow Hearts series was really overlooked. 11. Man was only ever released in Europe and Japan as it didn't see a NA release. That said, when the PSN returns I'd hope to see it become a downloadable as one of the PSOne classics.
  15. Speaking of which there's suppose to be a sequel in the works for the OVA...
  16. Nice to see you've toned down your rhetoric compared to your earlier post. You're right that people ought to care about certain events like 77 million people having their details left on PSN made publicly available. That said, the very same people need to look at it with a calm perspective rather than mobbing up irrationally. Again while such a release of information looks appalling, what exactly is dangerous about that info being shared in the end of it all? Now if it was a bank where things like social security information, credit card information, I can see every right for people to be scared shitless and demand real compensation and support free of charge. PSN not so much As for the point system versus real money issue, I suppose it just boils down to preference.
  17. I don't see the problem though as I pretty much assume there would be some taxes like any other shop. Unlike the wonky system of wii/xbox points the real denomination of money makes more sense. I know at least how much exactly am I using and wont be left with a strange number of points where I can't do anything with it. At least with change I could just add on to it later on and it will most likely help pay whatever future purchase I make; much like Steam's Wallet system. also unless you have cash already in the PSN wallet, just assume you'd need the $20.
  18. PSN cards that go for $10, $20, & $50 work just fine with me on the PSN when it was up. In fact they use PSN Plus cards for their pay system throughout the PSN. Too lazy to go to a shop to buy some, order the cards from Amazon or any other online shop that would sell them. No credit card needed These cards are in fact why I'm rather apathetic on someone trying to get my info on the PSN, or from Sony all together; no need for my credit card tied to anything online. That's why you should be selective and choose what interests you and try it out. If you like it enough to want to keep playing again and again then by all means support the content creators! I can't recall one wall paper worth paying for on PSN or at all on the internet nor know anybody that does; do you actually pay for such content? I have nearly the entire internet to provide me superior wallpapers or exact replicas. All I'd need is my mp3 player or the good ole usb stick to transfer it over. As for privacy, it's about as private as your information that you use here as far as I'm concerned. All I or any one else has to do is dig much deeper beyond PSN
  19. What? When did he say it was childish on being careful and dealing with the possibility of having your CC information stolen? Now this is downright silly if it's just because they failed to protect information, can't help it if the whole operation has a margin of human error regardless of how huge or small it is. Reminds me of the irrational/self-righteous hatred Microsoft got during the 90's. "OH HOW I HATE THEIR SCUMMY PRACTICES BUT GAWD I NEED MICRSOFT WORKS FOR THIS PAPER!" Sure it's not the same with Sony, but for those that depend on their products or enjoy the games that only ever appear on the Playstation systems, I've got better things to do than short-change myself on something I enjoy to than "sticking it to the man" in the name of a niche group's beliefs. You're welcome to do so though if that's something that matters to you though. At least this way there's a lesser chance of discovering that a certain title is no longer sold/printed and only available in eye-gouging prices on ebay or amazon. Curiously what's scary about this when the same information is readily available where ever you're ask to put in name, birthday information, address, telephone and the usually optional input email address? Hell even your own friends know this, who's to say they wouldn't divulge the same info; accidentally or maliciously? I know I'm not because I wouldn't give a damn if some goon suddenly discovers my birthday or address. As for the "apology gift" from Sony, I would have preferred the voucher idea I gave earlier but hey I don't lose anything from it either. I'll be able to try some games I wouldn't have looked or bothered other wise, like Mass Effect being available for download for free; assuming it's free/becomes free for PSN Plus users like some of the other games. Besides, the SOE folks will most likely get something different, especially if they just stick to PC gaming or just don't have a PS3.
  20. There is a suggestion section to the forums~! That said... Strangely enough TH13 - Ten Desires music, at least on the demo, really does make me think back on the Metal Slug series but with its own flair. Youkai Girl at the Gate and especially Rigid Paradise; Hell even on a spin off game with the played here are pretty good as well.In contrast I just find some similarities despite both having their own distinct sound. Either way both games, especially on Metal Slug, need some remixing love.
  21. For such "terrible consoles" they have a good, if not terrific, library of games imo; exclusive or not. Even now the PS2 is still being sold, if barely noticeable, these days. Just play good games solidly, provide some multimedia use, as well as an online store for new/extra content, that's more than enough that most would ask in a game console imo.
  22. You don't have any big box retail stores like Best Buy or Walmart/Target near you? They generally carry all types of cards; including PSN cards which I've only ever used on the PSN. Strangely enough for those that buy cards for Ragnarok Online they can only be found at Target shops as far as I know; and I don't even know why that is. Also with the tentative date of May 3rd supposedly being the day that the PSN returns, if with minor functionality, it'll be a good time to be ready to quickly change your account information just in case. It'll just be business as usual for me once it returns, Pac-man and jrpgs lol
  23. You can do whatever you want but unless you actually specialize in the area that you are and strengthen all the areas that a particular class is powerful in, well be ready to get trounced by other players that have the same class but are serious about distributing stats to make a powerful character. However I think this is only true if you're into the competitive aspect of RO. May hold true on the PVE area as well... Used to have an assassin cross back in the day.
  24. You still can but they vary in pricing in some areas. That said as a nice comparison to controller preferences for me. Out of each iteration of Resident Evil 4, the original GC version I felt had the best control compared to its PS2 and Wii-ports. Yes the PS2 and later Wii editions had more content, but man I find myself always breaking out the original GC edition on account of control preference. Slightly off topic but it's a similar issue on how awesome Dracula X Chronicles/Rondo of Blood was a great 2D Castlevania with more content, but SCIV had the absolute best control over any Belmont. Hell the only other time I've felt I had that much control was with Gabriel of C:LoS.
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